From 1974 Trixie has been the number one producer of pet accessories for cats, dogs, small pets, fish, birds and reptiles. Here you'll find a great selection of toys, care accessories, cages, and more, gathered specially for you.


A passion for pets!

An innovator in cat, dog & small pet products, including beds & hutches as well as treats & toys, Trixie is passionate about pets and their owners. Trixie strives to provide great value for money with its products, which are designed and produced to the highest standards.
Dogs and cats are intelligent creatures that need both physical & mental exercise, so choose from a wide selection of interactive toys including board toys & memory trainers to keep your pet entertained for hours. Trixie also creates a range of handy cat trees. Many Trixie cat trees and posts have reconfigurable parts allowing you to adapt them to your cat's individual needs and preferences. Round or square platforms, connecting elements in various shapes and horizontal or wavy scratching boards provide the perfect balance between stretching, exercise and snuggling up for your cat.

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Chances are, your pets spend a considerable amount of time indoors, especially in winter, so Trixie knows it's important to have a comfy, cosy bed that keeps your pet warm.
Whether you are looking for something orthopaedic or simply comfortable, you'll be sure to find one that suits your pet's needs. Orthopaedic Trixie pet beds are especially suited to pets with arthritis or rheumatism as they are made with materials that adapt to your pet's individual size and shape.

  • Dog Treats: Trixie dog treats are made specially for dogs, depending on their breed, age or size.
  • Dog Toys & Agility: toys specifically created to test and increase the agility of your dog.
  • Dog Beds & Blankets: durable and washable Trixie dog beds will be your dog's favourite place to rest its head for years to come.
  • Dog Collars, Leads & Harnesses: trust in the high quality of a Trixie dog harness or lead for fun yet safe walkies!

  • Cat Trees: find not only medium or small trees that perfectly match up with the size of your cat, but also cat trees in different shapes - or a simple scratching board if that's what your cat prefers!
  • Cat Beds: including traditional cat beds as well as dens and radiator beds Trixie Cat beds give your cat a place where it feels safe and snug.
  • Cat Toys: interactive games, boards and toys to keep your cat entertained and train its brain.

  • Hutches & Runs: wooden Trixie Natura hutches and enclosures, ideal for your small pets including rabbits & guinea pigs or for keeping a small group of animals.
  • Small Pet Toys: high quality Trixie toys suitable for the all sizes of small pet from Dwarf Hamsters to Rabbits to ensure boredom never becomes an issue.

Trixie provides premium products that every pet will love
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