Purina protects as it nourishes. A complete and natural high quality dry food for cats and dogs, developed by expert veterinarians and nutritionists, with meat as the number one ingredient. Purina's special formula was created to support your pet's own essential protective systems. Purina is an established favourite with professional breeders. A variety of products are available to suit the life phase and lifestyle of your pet.


Healthy Pet Nutrition

Purina is proud of its 80 year-experience in pet nutrition, producing some of the world's best-known pet food brands. Purina's expert team of nutritionists, food scientists and vets are at the forefront of promoting healthy pet nutrition and they make dog and cat welfare their top priority.
All of Purina's main meal pet foods are 100% complete and nutritionally balanced, with ingredients that are carefully selected, tested, and controlled to make highly digestible & nutritional food. This helps to ensure that your pet receives all the key nutrients it needs to keep it happy and healthy, as well as offering irresistible flavours that get your cat or dog excited at the thought of a Purina meal!

What else sets Purina apart from other brands?

Quality Assurance & Innovation: over 350 nutritionists, scientists, vets and animal behaviourists based in Europe and the USA work to ensure quality and ensure that Purina's products help pets to live long and healthy lives.
Sustainability: Purina aims to reduce waste and increase efficiency across the whole product cycle, through production, operations and logistics, so that you can care for the environment as well as your pet.

  • Purina Pro Plan Dog Food: high quality meat, poultry or fish blended with rice in a range of tailored formulas for adult dogs.
  • Pro Plan Puppy Food: foods formulated especially for puppies & junior dogs.
  • Purina Veterinary Diets Dog Food : a wide range of clinically tested foods for pets with specific medical conditions such as skin problems, obesity and kidney disease.
  • Purina Pro Plan Cat Food : Purina dry cat food with turkey, salmon, chicken or beef and no soy additives, plus purina kitten food with lots of healthy chicken.
  • Purina ONE Cat Food: no additives, just pure meat, poultry or fish rich omega fatty acids and vitamins that will ensure the health of your cat.
  • Purina ONE Veterinary Diets Cat Food: support your cat’s health as it copes with a range of health issues, with specifically tailored diets.

Feeding your pet a Purina pet food diet is a great way to ensure your cat or dog receives all of the key nutrition it needs.
Purina pet food is available in a wide range of varieties to cater for every pet, every need and every preference!

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