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Puppy Products

Have a new puppy at home? In this section, you can find everything you need for your puppy's new home from puppy food to puppy toys!

Puppy Products

Find everything that your young puppy needs to stay happy and healthy!

Bringing a new puppy home is a special time for you, that's why we've gathered all of our Puppy Products into one place to help you ensure your new friend has the best start to their life. Puppies can be very demanding pets as they need lots of love, attention, food and walks - but don't worry! We've got everything you need to make their transition into your home and eventually, into adult life as easy as possible. From Puppy food to collars and training treats, we have everything right here at zooplus! Additionally, we also offer Puppy Starter Sets if this is the first pup you've brought home. These are designed to take some of the pressure away from you so you can relax and enjoy many cuddles with your four-legged friend.

Browse our extensive range of Puppy Products available at zooplus!

  • Puppy Food: your loveable new canine comrade needs plenty of healthy food that’s tailored especially for young puppies. Here at zooplus we offer Dry Puppy Food as well as Wet Puppy Food so that you can find a balance that suits you. Wet food offers many nutrients and vital moisture that growing puppies require while dry food kibble is specially formulated to help your puppy develop and grow.

  • Puppy Treats: during the first few months you spend with your puppy, Puppy Treats are essential as they help you to train your pet while stil at a young enough age to "learn". Your puppy will love you for providing treats and soon learn to behave as it starts to associate good behaviour with more delicious snacks! Furthermore, if your pup is busy eating snacks, they're less likely to gnaw at your furniture with their sharp teeth and claws!

  • Puppy Toys: to strengthen your relationship with your puppy, play with it! Go for long walks and snuggle under blankets together. Engage in friendly tug-of-war matches and fetch games to enterain your pup and raise it's mood. Also, Puppy Toys give your pet something else to chew on while you're not giving them attention.

  • Puppy Accessories: your adorable little puppy will need lots of accessories to complete their look and remain safe. We offer a range of Puppy Leads & Collars, Puppy Bowls and even Puppy Training Pads. And don't forget a Puppy Bed for your exhausted companion after a long day!

If your gorgeous little pup has started to grow up and no longer needs these products - don’t fear! We’ve got a huge range of Dog Products that you can browse here at zooplus!