Dog Houses, Flaps & Gates

Dog houses or kennels give your dog shelter outdoors, while dog flaps allow your pet the freedom to roam the garden however they like. We also offer travel options to provide your dog a home away from home. Discover our great selection of dog houses, insulation, dog flaps & dog gates.

Dog Houses

An outdoor roof for your dog and a range of solutions for creating or barring canine access

With our wide selection of dog houses, being outdoors does not mean cutting back on the comfort of a cozy home anymore. Some of our options are insulated and we even offer separate insulation for dog kennels.

We hope the following tips help you in selecting a kennel for your dog:


Wooden Dog Houses Wooden dog kennels have a beautiful finish and work well in all weather conditions (fresh in the summer, warmer in winter). They are very sturdy and heavier than plastic dog houses. Wood Dog Kennels will need to have the wood re-treated or varnished every few years however to maximise how long they'll last.

Plastic Dog Houses

These are lighter and easy to wash but can get warm & stuffy in the summer and do not hold in the heat as well in winter. Many will bring the easier to move Plastic Dog Kennels indoors during the winter where they can be just as useful.

Both plastic and wooden kennels are water-proof!The wood is treated to protect it in all weather conditions.

Travel & Indoor Dog Houses

Ideal as a temporary retreat for your pooch whilst you're on vacation, camping or on a car trip. These travel and & indoor dog houses are also good to keep in the house, so your dog can have a safe area of its own which is handy if you have multiple pets or children.

Insulation: an excellent way to protect your dog from colder weather conditions. You can choose from simple mats or all round insulation that covers the kennel's walls and floor. It can be added in the colder winter months and simply removed in the summer.

Roof Type: Choose between a pitched or flat roof. Pitched roofs are more comfortable for larger dogs whereas flat ones can suit smaller dogs better.

Assembly: Choosing a kennel that is easy to assemble will save you time, many of our kennels have instructions available to view prior to purchase.

Extras: Some dogs do prefer the extra comfort of a roofed patio to rest, especially in the warmer months, where they can enjoy the shade and the breeze.

Once you find the correct kennel for your dog, don't forget to:

Keep It Clean: Hygiene is important to keep your dog healthy and the kennel odour-free. Check regularly and see if it's necessary to clean it.

Air insulation materials: If you use an insulation mat, air it frequently to avoid accumulating odours and dog hair.

Take care of the wood: If you live in an area where it rains often, you might want to treat or varnish the wood when it starts to weather, choosing a sheltered spot can also help.

Dog Gates and Dog Flaps

At zooplus we also offer a selection of dogs flaps and gates, which are great for either allowing your dog independent access into and out of your home, or for keeping your dog out of certain areas.

A dog flap or door is a great option if you want your dog to be able to roam freely between home and garden, even when you are away. Although a large cat flap will suffice for smaller dogs, many larger breeds are better suited to specific dog flaps, which can be purchased here at zooplus for great value prices and from a range of high quality producers. You can even choose a special microchip pet door, which allows your own dog to enter with a special collar tag but prevents unwanted guests from inviting themselves inside!

A dog gate is also a must for many dog owners. Here at zooplus we offer a range of dog gates, including ones for indoor and outdoor use. An outdoor dog gate is ideal if you have any people-only sections of your garden, or during the summer to keep keen noses away from BBQs and garden parties! An indoor dog barrier or gate can be ideal for keeping dogs off carpeted areas or out of the kitchen, however you choose to use it, and can also be great for placing across the stairs if you prefer your canines to live downstairs. No matter how or where you choose to use your dog gate, it can be a great addition to your home!

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