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Ferplast Dogvilla Plastic Dog Kennel

Product description

Ferplast Dogvilla Plastic Dog Kennel 5 6
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Dogvilla 110: 111 x 84 x 79 cm (L x W x H)
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Product description

A spacious dog kennel made of durable plastic, easy to clean and very durable. Weather resistant in all seasons, with ventilation and water runoff system. With extendable side walls.
Please note: This product might take a little longer to arrive as it may be shipped from outside the UK.

This plastic Dogvilla dog kennel from Ferplast is a great place for your dog to get away from it all: the plastic material is ideal for dogs with allergies, as the smooth surfaces prevent germs and mould from growing inside the kennel.
The spacious house has a great amount of room for your pet to get comfy, and features an additional wall that can be opened out for even more room to stretch out. You can choose which side to add the extra wall onto, according to your requirements and space available.

The ventilation slits in huge back of the kennel can be adjusted using a lever for optimal air circulation, whatever the weather. The open entrance is reinforced with an aluminium frame to protect against sharp teeth, and gives the kennel added stability.

The Ferplast Dogvilla Plastic Dog Kennel is a great all-rounder, perfect for summer and winter. The plastic material makes it exceptionally easy to clean, and means you don't need to worry about the regular varnishing usually necessary for wooden kennels. The kennel is very simple to assemble, and can be easily disassembled for transport.

The Ferplast Dogvilla Plastic Dog Kennel at a glance:

  • All-weather dog kennel made from sturdy plastic
  • Extremely durable and weather resistant
  • Extendable side section, can be attached on either side
  • With manually adjustable ventilation slits
  • Efficient water runoff system
  • With aluminium reinforced entrance
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Smooth, easy clean surfaces
  • Hygienic and germ-free

Dimensions of the Ferplast Dogvilla Plastic Dog Kennel:

  Dogvilla 70 Dogvilla 90 Dogvilla 110
Exterior (inl. roof): L 73 x W 59 x H 53 cm L 88 x W 72 x H 65 cm L 111 x W 84 x H 79 cm
Inside Dimensions: L 62 x W 43 x H 45 cm L 75 x W 55 x H 55 cm L 95 x W 66 x H 68 cm
Exterior without roof: L 64.5 x W 44.5 x H 53 cm L 78.5 x W 57.5 x H 65 cm L 98.5 x W 68.5 x H 79 cm
Entrance: W 20 x H 30 cm W 24 x H 37 cm W 30 x H 46 cm
Side entrance: B 33 x H 33 cm B 44 x H 42 cm B 52 x H 52 cm
Elevation from ground: 4 cm 5 cm 6 cm
Roof overhang:
Entrance / side / back
9.5 x 4.5 x 5.0 cm 10.5 x 5.5 x 5.0 cm 11.5 x 7.0 x 5.0 cm
Roof thickness: 3 cm 3 cm 3 cm

Please note: The kennel should not be too large, so that your dog can create and maintain a warm and pleasant climate with its own body heat. If the kennel is too large, it is possible that your dog will quickly become too cold. However, it is also important to ensure that the kennel has adequate ventilation on hotter days, to keep your dog from overheating.



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