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Cat Trees & Cat Scratching Posts

Cat scratching posts and trees are an ideal play and sleeping place for cats - whether you have a large or a smaller active cat. Cats love to sleep high up on a cat tree and a scratching post is indispensable for your cat's daily claw sharpening and your cat will appreciate a cat tower to climb on. Many of our cat activity centres come with baskets and platforms for sleeping and cuddling.

Cat Trees and Scratching Posts

5 reasons why your cat and you will love a cat scratching post or cat tree:

  • 1. Cat scratching posts, cat trees and cat activity centres help to stay active throughout the year reducing the risk of obesity, weight gain, and joint problems
  • 2. A cat tower can give your cat a full body workout, especially suited for cats that spend a lot of time indoors
  • 3. Scratching a cat tree helps to keep your cat's claws strong and healthy
  • 4. A perch or basket on a cat tower makes a great personal space for your furry friend! Cats can mark their territory with their scent and scratch marks
  • 5. Using a cat scratch post reduces the likelihood of your cat scratching your furniture instead

Tips to choose the right cat tree from zooplus UK
When choosing a cat activity centre, cat tree or other cat furniture, there are several important factors, such as: material, shape, size, and special qualities you might want for your cats.

See the below tips to choose the best cat scratching post.

  • Materials: Cat scratchers come in natural or synthetic. For vertical posts, we recommend thick natural sisal material
  • Stability: Look for a stable cat tree, especially if you have larger cats
  • Size: The ideal scratch post for cats should be tall enough to allow your cat to fully stretch
  • Quantity: Do you have more than one cat? It is a good idea to get two or more cat towers to avoid competition between cats, or opt for a larger cat activity centre with more than one den or platform
  • Shape: Does your cat enjoy climbing, laying or stretching? Choose the best cat climbing tree shape and accessories to suit your cat’s preferences, for the ideal cat tree from zooplus UK
  • Outdoor cat tree vs indoor: If you only have limited outdoor space but your cat still likes to climb, you may like an outdoor cat tree

Other useful ideas:

  • Scratching problem: If your cat scratches your furniture, using citrus/menthol scents or oils can help keep them away from those surfaces
  • Attract your cat: You can rub catnip at the top of the scratching post for cats. The nepetalactone in catnip (a sort of mint) has been shown to produce a high in more than half of all cats that induces them to sniff, and sometimes lick or chew.
    Note: it has the opposite effect in kittens, repelling them.
  • Play time: Entice your feline to the cat activity centre by attaching a small object at the top of the cat scratcher with a little rope for your cat to play with!

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