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Solid Wood Cat Trees

With these cat trees, you're investing in years of cat-enjoyment and furniture that's a class of its own. Solid wood columns, high quality carpeting, high quality sisal, stability, safety against breaks, the best workmanship! Here you'll find the right cat tree for your cat and your home.

Solid Wood Cat Trees:

Natural Paradise Quadra I Cat Tree

44.99 44.99 GBP 1
Was  £59.99
Now  £44.99
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Natural Paradise Quadro II Cat Tree

94.99 94.99 GBP 1
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Natural Paradise Ceiling Cat Tree - XL

92.99 92.99 GBP 2
Was  £114.99
Now  £92.99
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Was  £114.99
Now  £92.99
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Scorched Wood Cat Tree

109.99 109.99 GBP 1
Warm brown
Was  £134.99
Now  £109.99
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Karlie Kima Scratching Tree new

89.99 89.99 GBP 1
Was  £99.99
Now  £89.99
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Karlie Nala Scratching Tree new

134.99 134.99 GBP 1
Sold out.
Was  £144.99
Now  £134.99
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Solid Wood Cat Trees

Create an exciting third dimension for your feline to explore!

Here at zooplus we offer a variety of cat trees and cat scratching posts, which are a great way to ensure your cat is not bored, providing new heights to explore as well as scratching opportunities that can keep your furniture safe from sharpening claws! This range of solid wood cat trees is particularly sturdy, ideal for larger or more boisterous cats and offering top quality craftsmanship. A scratching tree is key for keeping your cat entertained inside the house and is a must for indoor cats, helping to keep boredom at bay.
A solid wood cat tree is the perfect choice for many cat owners, as it offers stability and is less likely to break, which can make it ideal if your cat loves to excitedly climb or play. Many cat trees here at zooplus are also coated in high quality sisal, which is perfect for scratching and sharpening claws. A sisal coated solid wood cat tree will offer your cat true playing paradise!

Browse the full range of Solid Wood Cat Trees available at zooplus:

Choose from a great range of different solid wood cat trees to meet your cat’s climbing and scratching needs.
There are solid wood cat trees available in every size and shape, to meet your unique needs.

  • Real wood: by using real solid wood, you can be sure that these cat trees will stand up to even the most boisterous play. Solid wood is an excellent choice as it sturdy so unlikely to tip, as well as being unlikely to break. A solid wood cat tree will also look wonderful in any home, offering a traditional, stylish look that will suit any household.
  • Sisal: many of these are sisal coated solid wood cat trees, or at least feature a sisal element or coated post. A sisal scratching post is ideal for cats, as it is both natural and effective. Scratching sisal can help to meet your cat’s natural scratching instincts, as well as sharpening claws and helping to keep your sofa, curtains and carpet safe from destruction!
  • Lookout: a solid wood cat tree can offer your cat the chance to climb up high and watch the world go by, keeping on eye on their kingdom! Many of the cat trees here at zooplus also feature a den or lookout post high up the tree, allowing your cat some peace and quiet away from the rest of the family. Removable cushions and snuggle beds make these solid wood cat trees both comfortable and practical.
  • Versatile: solid wood cat trees and cat furniture may sound like it needs plenty of space, but here at zooplus we offer a great range of solid wood cat trees to fit every environment, including ceiling trees that provide upward climbing space for your cat rather than spreading out into the room and taking over your home! There are also corner scratch barrels, which can be tucked away for your cat to enjoy. If you have more space, there are bigger, wider options featuring big lookout posts and snuggle dens!

A solid wood cat tree is a great way to keep your cat entertained.
A scratching tree is an essential for any cat owner, and solid wood is great, sturdy quality.

Combine your cat’s scratching tree paradise with some fun Scratching Toys & Accessories, for entertainment and enjoyment!

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