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At Pedigree, we believe that dogs are good for us. Every day, their wonderful innocence and exuberant love of life has the power to bring out the good in us and transform our lives. Dogs make us happier, better people and reawaken our own innocent and altruistic view of the world.

We believe that day after day, dog owners can feed the good in their dogs. The complete range of Pedigree tasty and wholesome dog food and dog treats delivers everything that is essential to support and fuel all dogs' exuberant love of life.


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Pedigree: premium quality food that your dog will love

Pedigree offers a great range of pet food that gives your dog everything it needs on a daily basis, made from top-quality ingredients a specially developed to promote canine health and vitality.

Wholesome wet food, dry food and treats
Pedigree dog food is made with a great range of nutritious, hearty ingredients combined in flavoursome recipes that your dog will love. Pedigree offers both wet and dry food, all rich in juicy meat or succulent fish and offering flavour as well as premium nutrition. Pedigree pet food products are free from artificial colours, flavours and taste enhancers, so you can be sure you are giving your dog the best.

Pedigree dog food has been designed to support canine health and vitality using selected ranges of nutritious ingredients. Each dish has been specifically tailored to meet your dog’s needs, whether you have a puppy or a golden oldie, as your dog’s nutritional requirements will change drastically throughout its lifetime. Pedigree dog food is also available in a range of different flavours and styles, including dry kibble rich in hearty beef, tender poultry cans and rich, juicy meat pouches encased in delicious jelly or smooth gravy. They also offer a great range of tasty treats specially tailored to support aspects of health, including teeth and bones.

All Pedigree products are specially tailored to meet your dog’s individual nutritional needs:

  • Made using exclusively the finest quality ingredients
  • Rich in meat, fish or poultry to ensure great supplies of protein
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and taste enhancers
  • Designed specifically to care for canine health and vitality

Discover the wide range of Pedigree Dry Dog Food and Pedigree Wet Dog Food available at zooplus:

Pedigree Dry Dog Food

  • Pedigree Adult Dog Food: complete kibble with protein such as beef or poultry and digestible rice or vegetables, offering essential protein and 100% nutritionally complete. This food is also available in specific size or breed varieties.
  • Pedigree Puppy Food: designed specifically to help your puppy through its initial life phases, with plenty of energy and nutrients for developing health immune system and strong bones and joints. This is also available in different size varieties, depending on the kind of puppy you have.
  • Pedigree Senior Dog Food: with adjusted nutrient content to support your dog through its older years, Pedigree senior dog food contains vital proteins and omega-3 fatty acids to support joints and mobility.

Pedigree Wet Dog Food

  • Pedigree Adult Cans: hearty, delicious cans of moist dog food, enriched with nutrients such as calcium, zinc and omega-6 for comprehensive health support and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Choose from meat and poultry selections, as well as varieties enriched with fish oil for mobility or with irresistible bone marrow.
  • Pedigree Pouches: exquisite jelly or flavoursome gravy encase real meaty chunks in a range of flavours, with plenty of nutrients, optimum balance and absolutely no added sugar.
  • Pedigree Junior Cans: complement your puppy’s kibble diet by combining it with a wet food pouch or can, with rich meaty flavour varieties and as much as 59% meat per meal! You can be sure your young dog is receiving all the nutrients it needs to grow into a strong and healthy adult dog.
  • Pedigree Senior Cans: skin, coat, immune system, bones and digestion are all supported with Pedigree senior cans, helping ensure these later years have the potential to be your dog’s happiest!

Pedigree Dog Treats

  • Dentastix: light, long-lasting chewing fun, these treats help keep your dog’s dental health high with their unique shape and surface that has been clinically proven to reduce tartar and plaque by up to 80%. They are available in a range of sizes depending on your dog’s weight, and are also available in a minty Fresh variety for keeping your dog’s breath smelling of roses! DentaFlex are another option, offering similar dental hygiene support and needing to be used only twice a week rather than daily.
  • Jumbone: a crunchy shell and meaty filling make these treats irresistible, yet only contain 2% fat so are perfect for your dog’s waistline! These Pedigree dog treats contain plenty of valuable nutrients and come in both chicken and beef varieties as well as a range of sizes.
  • Other Pedigree Dog Treats: Schmackos, Biscrok, Tasty Bites and Markies - explore the full range of Pedigree dog treats and find something to please every palate! All of these treats contain vitamins and minerals and are a great way to reward your dog without reeking havoc on its weight!
  • Pedigree Puppy Treats: make your puppy’s day with Pedigree Puppy Tubos, which are rich in calcium to help developing teeth and gums. They are perfect for little puppy teeth to really satisfy that craving!
  • Check out the latest zooplus offers to save even more on your next purchase of Pedigree wet or dry dog food or treats.

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