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Dog Treats & Dog Bones

Dog treats and dog snacks are sensible supplements to your pet's regular diet. Treats for dogs can provide your pooch with extra vitamins and nutrients that regular dog food may not provide and many are also good for dental health and prevent your dog from chewing other things. Dog bones and dog chews keep your pet busy, while small dog treats make good dog rewards during training or just because! We also offer a great range of natural dog treats. 

Dog Treats

Train and keep your dog healthy in a delicious way!

Here are some of the benefits of giving treats to your dog:

Maintaining good digestive health:

Dogs with sensitive stomachs will particulalrly benefit from the extra fibre, probiotics & prebiotics found in many dog treats. Your dog will enjoy better gastrointestinal health resulting in a stronger immune system as well and a High Fibre diet for your Dog can also help prevent Stomach problems in later life. Prebiotics are found in plant fibre and probiotics are live bacteria: both nourish the friendly bacteria present in the Digestive System.

Skin & Coat Health:

Natural dog treats rich in essential omega-3 & 6 will provide your dog much needed fatty acids for a shiny coat & healthy skin.

Dental Health:

Treats can help keep your dog's teeth clean by reducing the numbers of bacteria that cause bad breath. Chewing regularly can also reduce plaque and tartar build-up considerably: keeping teeth & jaws strong.

Joint Health:

Treats rich in vitamins & antioxidants can strengthen the joints and soothe pain by reducing any inflammation symptoms in dogs.

Healthy Weight:

Treats high in fibre, low in fat and rich in natural ingredients can be a useful tool to keep your dog's weight at a healthy level.

When giving your dog treats remember:

Safety: Choose treats that are the right size for your dog to avoid choking due to eating and swallowing them too fast.
Watch the Calories: Be reasonable in the amount of treats & food you give to your dog, especially for smaller and less active dogs. Treats are best given after exercise and you may want to adjust your dog's portion sizes if they have had extra treats. It's a good idea to consult with your vet if you have any doubts or questions.
Dental health Treats can improve dental health but if your dog has dental problems already be careful you don't give them chewey or tough treats that could aggrevate any issues. For example, avoid hard treats if your dog has sensitive gums or teeth.
A good match: You know the personality and the needs of your dog better than anyone else. The right treat should match the tastes, personality, and size of your dog.

Choose from the following options:

  • Dog Bones: is your dog an avid chewer? Then these hardy snacks will keep him gnawing for hours.
  • Pork Chews: dried pig ears, and other Pork based snacks are delicious and fun chew treats.
  • Beef Chews: find a wide selection of beef treats here, including delicious rawhide and cow ear snacks.
  • Antler Chews: want to give your dog a taste of real nature? You dog is sure to thank you when you give him one of these delicious antler chews: Fat Free they are ideal as a treat for any dogs watching thier weight.
  • Joint Care Dog Treats: rich in Omega 3 acids & collagen, these snacks will keep your dog's joints strong.
  • Dog Dental Chews: full of minerals and natural vegetable extracts, these chewy treats will keep your dog's breath fresh and free of bacteria.
  • Dog Biscuits: crunchy & light in calories, these snacks provide calcium, vitamins & minerals to keep your dog healthy.
  • Puppy Treats: healthy treats full of vitamins & energy to train your young pup.

Complement your pet's healthy snacks with some Dietary Supplements.

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