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Cat Bowls & Cat Fountains

Choose the best cat food bowl and drinking bowl or water fountain for your cat from a great choice of designs and brands. Our range includes non-slip cat dishes and we also offer placemats to keep any spills off of your floor and easy to clean up.

Cat drinking fountains are great to ensure your cat has a constant supply of fresh water even when you are out or outside on a hot day.

Cat Bowls & Cat Fountains

Make your cat’s dining area fit for a queen!

When it comes to feeding a cat, the environment can be just as important as the food itself - particularly if your cat is very fussy! Here at zooplus we offer a broad range of cat bowls and cat fountains to ensure every cat has the life of luxury. As well as traditional plastic, metal and ceramic cat food bowls, we also offer modern cat food dispensers that can be ideal if you are often out at feeding time.
A cat drinking fountain can also be beneficial for ensuring your cat takes on enough fluids and does not succumb to urinary infection. These cat fountains make water appealing to your feline and can be placed next to stylish cat food bowls and cat dishes to make for a pleasing feeding area. We even offers cat food storage to keep food fresh - and to keep felines out! - and cat placemats to keep your floor clean and hygienic.

Browse the full range of Cat Bowls & Cat Fountains here at zooplus

Find your perfect cat bowl, cat food dispenser, cat fountain or cat feeding accessory.
Ensure your cat is always provided with water and on-time meals, even when you are not home.

  • Cat Food Bowls: with everything from stainless to plastic to ceramic, there is a cat food bowl to suit every need and preference. Choose from a range of different sizes and styles to find something traditional, modern or cute that fits in perfectly with your home. We also offer raised cat bowls that provide a more natural feeding height. Many of these raised feeding stations also combine with water bowls, so that all of your cat’s needs can be met in one place.
  • Cat Food Dispensers: these include both programmable and non-programmable, to meet your specific needs. A cat food dispenser is the perfect choice if you are away from home all day or if you are often out and about when your cat needs feeding. There are even microchip cat food dispensers that will only open for the cat with the programmed microchip, which is ideal if some of your cats are taking medication or have a different kind of food. Non-programmable cat food dispensers can add an element of fun, requiring your cat to push and prod to get out its food. These are great if your cat can self-regulate its feeding amounts.
  • Cat Water Fountains: a cat water fountain provides a constant stream of clean, fresh water, to encourage your cat to take on more fluids and keep health high. Many also feature filters to ensure ultimate purity, with replacements also available here at zooplus. Cat fountains are available with a range of different levels for variety and a happy drinking height.
  • Cat Feeding Accessories: this selection includes food storage containers to maintain freshness and flavour, as well as lids for open tins of food. We even offer specific spoons that are perfect for cutting through food! A cat placemat can also make your life easier, keeping your floor clean from splashes and flecks of food and simple to wipe down to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Here at zooplus we offer a great range of cat bowls and cat fountains to meet every need.

Browse the full range of Cat Supplies & Cat Accessories available here at zooplus, to find something for everyone!