Cat Mate by Petmate

This selection of Cat Mate by Petmate food dispensers helps ensure your cat can easily gain access to food when needed, even when you are not there to help. Feeding can be made easier with the Cat Mate by Petmate food dispensers, which work automatically to serve up food at mealtimes, even when you are away. Choose from this collection at zooplus, with automatic food dispensers for wet and dry food, with a number of portioned sections and timers spanning up to 96 hours to keep your cat in optimum health.
4 products
4 products

The Cat Mate Fountain provides constantly flowing water from a waterfall animating your pet to drink. Recommended by vets.

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2.0 litre Fountain
Replacement Filters (2-Pack)
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Replacement Filters (6-Pack)
£14.99£2.50 / unit

This automatic food dispenser is ideal for cats and small dogs and can be filled with wet or dry food in five 330g portions. The Digital Timer means you can find a solution that suits you & your pet!

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5 x 330g capacity
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An automatic feeder for dry food, ideal for both dogs and cats and with 3kg capacity. It provides individual portions at programmed times, thanks to the digital timer, and has a pet-safe cover catch.

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3kg capacity

This automatic food dispenser for cats or small dogs features three 330g serving segments, for wet or dry food and with a digital timer to allow sections to open at the perfect time.

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3 x 330g capacity
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