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Plastic Cat Bowls

Plastic food bowls are perfect for every day use, but also as an outdoor bowl or even for traveling. Plastic bowls are light weight, easy to clean and come in a variety of fun colors.
5 products
5 products

Plastic Cat Bowls

Food and water station made from recycled materials, ideal for cats and small dogs, with a raised border to prevent spillages and anti-slip feed, machine-washable at 65°C.

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2 x 0.3 litre
Was £5.99 Now£5.49

Two matching food and water bowls with cute fish motifs. Extra wide and flat design, with a non-slip base and two hand holes for easy carrying. Dishwasher-proof. Colour: white.

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2 x 0.2 litre
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Melamine Cat Bowls: hardwearing and durable

Non-slip cat bowl in a timeless design, with a scratch-resistant melamine casing and a removable stainless steel insert that is dishwasher proof and 100% flavour neutral, shock resistant and durable.

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0.16 litre
RRP* £9.31 Our Price£6.29
0.35 litre
RRP* £10.80 Our Price£7.49

Slow Feed Cat Bowls

A feeding station and an interactive toy in one. Encourage your cat to think and to be agile with this great feeding station. With three variable levels of difficulty.

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Diameter 24cm x H 33cm
Was £15.69 Now£13.69

Stainless steel bowl with a raised central area to help to stop your pet from gobbling its food and help to prevent stomach pains and indigestion. The bowl has a non-slip base and is dishwasher safe.

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0.53 litre
Was £8.19 Now£6.69

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