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Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl, 0.4l

Product description

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Product description

A food bowl designed to help your dog or cat eat more slowly, which improves digestion and dental hygiene. Made of melamine with an anti-slip base, suitable for food and water.
Lots of dogs and cats can hardly wait for their food and will wolf it down as soon as the bowl touches the floor. This can put a strain on your pet's digestive system and can cause bloating, stomach upset and diarrhea.
This white, non-slip Savic melamine bowl has an integrated elevation which will stop your cat bolting its food. Your pet has to eat around the “obstacle” and this will prevent it from gobbling its food. The eating time increases by up to 50%. This bowl is suitable for all foods and for water.

Slower eating has many positive advantages. Your pet will feel full up more quickly which prevents over-eating. The chewing phase is also longer. This increases saliva production which helps the digestive system. And a longer chewing phase is good for dental hygiene.

Melamine is a special, very light, scratch resistant, shock-proof plastic. It is durable and does not react to changes in temperature. The surface is almost china-like and very hygienic, making it excellent to serve food on.

The bowl is easy to clean – simply place in the dishwasher. There is a rubber ring on the base which prevents it slipping about.

Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl at a glance:

  • Food bowl designed to promote slower eating
  • Improves digestion: helps prevent choking up of food, flatulence and twisting of the gut.
  • Improved dental hygiene: by encouraging chewing
  • Slower feeding means your pet feels full more quickly and helps to prevent overeating
  • Colour: black or ivory
  • Material: Melamine, scratch resistant and shock proof
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: H 6cm x 18cm diameter
    • Capacity: 400ml
  • Suitable for all foods and water
  • Dishwasher safe


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