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Runs & Enclosures

Rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets need to be offered space to roam and play and these pet runs give your guinea pig, rabbit and other small pet a space of their own, either indoors or outdoors. Even if your bunny is quicker on his feet using a rabbit run means that you can still keep him right under your nose! Some cheap rabbit runs don't offer the protection and security your pet needs, but our good quality rabbit run range can help your rabbit or guinea pig stay safe and secure. Offering lots of rabbit run space can help to make the difference between a listless Thumper and a healthy, hoppy bunny! 

Classic Runs - something for everyone

Runs & Enclosures

Give your small pet freedom and adventure without the risk!

Naturally, no one wants to keep their small pet enclosed in its hutch or cage all day long, preferring to let it roam around and explore. However, it is not always safe to let a small pet run wild, even in an enclosed garden, due to natural predators in the wild and other neighbourhood pets. Here at zooplus we offer a great range of runs and enclosures, which are an ideal solution, offering freedom and adventure without the risk!
Runs and enclosures are a great way to ensure your small pet can have exercise and freedom, so choose from a selection of good quality runs and enclosures that offer reliable protection. We offer a great selection that are ideal for both summer and winter, with cheap options that still offer verified premium quality protection.

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Find the perfect small pet run or enclosure to meet your needs.
Choose from a selection of materials, sizes and styles to find the perfect option.

  • Classic Runs: a classic small pet run or enclosure is sturdy and easy to assemble, standalone and offering freedom. The selection of classic small pet runs are available in different materials, including metal, wood and nylon, meeting a range of needs and suitable for various different weather conditions and needs. Traditional wooden rabbit5 runs can look attractive in your garden, and we also offer robust metal runs and nylon runs that can be used indoors.
  • Shape & Size: another way to shop for a small pet run, rather than by material, is by size or style, with 4-, 6- and 8-sided options that can be perfect for different breeds or numbers of small pets. There are also both rectangular and octagonal options amongst others, to fit in whatever area you have available. There are options with mesh or a grille over the top for added protection, as well as without.
  • Run Accessories: sun protection can be essential in the summer months, so here at zooplus we offer shades that are removable and help to provide your pet with some shade. There are also other run accessories such as hay racks and water bottles that can fasten to the side, as well as fun toys to play with and places to sit.

Choose the ideal small pet runs and enclosures to meet your small pet needs.
Browse the complete range here to ensure your small pet can safely enjoy freedom and adventure!

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