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Cat Litter Boxes & Litter Trays

A cat litter box or cat litter tray belongs to the basic furnishings of many cat households. Here you'll find a great selection of  best litter boxes, cat toilets and litter trays, plus other accessories such as deodorants, litter mats, and more.

Cat Litter Boxes and Litter Trays

Let's talk about doing the business. The bathroom business.

Cat litter is a basic need of any indoor cat owner's home: but that doesn't mean your cat litter box should be basic.

There are a range of options available here at zooplus, from the standard litter trays and covered litter trays to stylish litter boxes and cat toilets and litter spinners. Does it all seem a bit much? Don't worry, we'll talk you through your options so that you can find the best cat litter box for your loved one.

Cat litter boxes, trays and filters:

Cat Litter Trays: Trays are an easy and affordable option for dealing with your cat's business. It is easy to spot when trays need cleaning - taking guesswork out of the equation. Nearly all our cat litter trays have edges and rims to minimise mess and spillage from overly-enthusiastic cats, offering tidiness and hygiene without the need for an enclosed cat litter tray. We offer various sizes from small to extra large litter trays. Have a look and choose the best litter tray for your cat.

Cat Litter Boxes: Otherwise known as covered litter trays, these boxes give your cat plenty of privacy. Some cats feel self-conscious going to the bathroom (can you blame them?) so for shy cats, a covered litter tray is the perfect solution. The boxes are available both with and without doors and are often a more discreet option for your home, especially if you choose an enclosed litter tray. A covered litter tray also keeps litter hidden, which can be more aesthetically pleasing in your home.

Large Cat Litter Tray: If you have a slightly larger cat such as a Maine Coon or Siberian cat, you'll want to make sure it has plenty of space. These large cat litter boxes and trays should do the trick.

Outdoor Cat Litter Box: This cat litter box is perfect for cat owners who want to keep their garden free from waste. Totally rain-proof, the cat litter will stay dry and there's plenty of room for your cat to paw around.

Filtered Cat Litter Boxes: Some cat litter boxes come with filters attached. These minimise odours and help make your home a more inviting place. They require changing regularly for optimum results.

Nifty cat litter tray accessories

You've chosen the best cat litter box or tray of your dreams. Now it's time to accessorise!
  • Litter Scoops and Mats: Keep it clean with a cat litter scoop for quick and easy waste disposal and a cat litter mat to stop kitty tracking litter everywhere.
  • Litter Champ: One of our most popular cat litter items, the litter champ is perfect for disposing of cat litter. Its clever system seals in all the odours so that your house stays smelling fresh.
  • Litter Spinner: Does all this maintenance seen like too much effort? This automatic cat litter box speeds up the whole process!
  • Odour Management: No filters or Litter Champ? You'll want to peruse our other odour management products to keep any nasty smells at bay. Even an enclosed cat litter tray

Finding a cat litter tray or covered litter tray your cat feels comfortable in is essential to maintain an accident-free home. We offer litter boxes both with filters and without filters but easy cleaning filters generally mean less mess and less cleanup time, so you can spend more time playing with your puss. The best cat litter box is bound to be available here at zooplus!
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