Corner Cat Litter Trays

A innovate litter trays & covered trays which fits neatly into corners, for rooms which are a litter smaller. A space-saving corner cat litter tray!

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1 - 1 of 1 products
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Practical, space-saving corner cat litter box with an active carbon filter, a fold-up top opening and removable cover for quick and easy cleaning. Dimensions: 58.5 x 45.5 x 40 cm (L x W x H)

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1 x Replacement Carbon Filter
12 x Bag it Up Maxi litter tray bags

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Corner Litter Trays & Boxes

Innovative designs for all your space-saving needs

Every cat household needs a litter tray, but not all households have enough space for a large hooded cat litter box or an entire room for your cat’s litter area. An innovative corner litter tray could be the answer to all of your problems! A corner cat litter tray fits neatly into the corner of any room, which prevents it taking up too much space and can even make use of those areas that often go unused. A corner cat litter tray can be a particularly practical solution if you live in a small flat or if you have a multi-cat household that may require multiple litter trays and could potentially take up a lot of space.
A corner cat litter tray can also be ideal if you have a kitten or elderly cat, as they are fairly easy to enter and offer lots of space. At zooplus we offer a range of corner cat litter trays, including hooded or covered trays with removable lids, which can be ideal for cats that are very private or if you would prefer to keep the litter out of sight.

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Zooplus offers an extensive range of corner cat litter trays.
Here are just some of the advantages of a corner cat litter tray:

  • Innovative shape that is ideal for fitting into the corners of rooms
  • Space-saving, as litter trays are a necessity regardless of how much space you have in your home
  • Just as effective as a more standard shape of litter tray
  • Easy to clean and keep hygienic
  • Available in both open and covered varieties, as well as various sizes to ensure your cat has enough space
  • With filtered and non-filtered options

Here at zooplus we offer a great range of cat litter trays and boxes, both with and without filters and in a variety of styles.

There are bigger litter trays for larger cats, corner litter trays that fit easily and effortlessly into your home and top entry litter boxes for added privacy. You can also explore the range of litter bins, tray liners, scoops, mats and cleaning products, including vacuum cleaners and odour management solutions, available here at zooplus!

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