Outdoor Cat Litter Boxes

If your cat loves to roam the garden, but you would prefer to keep it clean and tidy, then an Outdoor Cat Litter Tray is the perfect choice!
As with a regular indoor litter tray, these outdoor options offer easy, spacious and hygiene solutions for your cat's toilet habits, with a deep tray for litter and made from durable material. However, an outdoor cat litter tray comes with the added bonus of being ideal for use on patios, balconies or even just out on the lawn.
Here at zooplus we offer outdoor cat litter trays with waterproof hoods and robust manufacturing to ensure no water or moisture gets in and wastes litter. An outdoor cat litter tray is the perfect choice for the garden-loving owner with a cat that loves the great outdoors!

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This innovative black and white litter tray has a waterproof hood and is particularly suitable for outside use. It has an extra-large entry and a deep tray, making it great for larger cats.

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74 x 43 x 41.5 cm (L x W x H)

Outdoor Litter Trays & Boxes

Keep your garden clean and tidy!

Some cats love being outdoors! They can also get into a habit of using your lovely garden as their own personal litter box! These Outdoor Litter trays can help keep your garden clean and tidy - they work just like regular litter trays, but they are made of more durable material to withstand all weather and protect your cat from the elements whilst it does its business.

Outdoor Litter Trays are spacious and offer plenty of space for cats of all sizes, with water-proof lids and hoods to help shelter your cat.

Key features of an outdoor litter box:

  • Innovative design that extremely user-friendly
  • Waterproof - so no water can get inside
  • Extra large entry, making it ideal for cats of all sizes
  • Deep, spacious trays, which are deeper than average trays and perfect for digging and burying.

Why wait? An outdoor litter box will make it so much easier to keep your garden clean and prevents your cat from digging up your plants! Here at zooplus we offer a great range of cat litter trays and boxes, both with and without filters and in a variety of styles. Browse the full range of Cat Litter Boxes & Litter Trays to find the perfect litter box solution for you and your cat. There are bigger litter trays for larger cats, corner litter trays that fit easily and effortlessly into your home and top entry litter boxes for added privacy. You can also explore the range of litter bins, tray liners, scoops, mats and cleaning products, including vacuum cleaners and odour management solutions, available here at zooplus!
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