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Sanabelle Cat Food The Sanabelle nutrition range provides exactly the right food for every stage of your cat’s life - it is very tasty, well-balanced, contains all the essential vitamins, nutrients and is rich in poultry-meat and is the appropriate croquette size. Sanabelle is available in aroma-sealed packs with the practical re-sealable ZIP system and aroma preservation valve (Fresh Pack).

Here are just a few of our featured Sanabelle products:

Sanabelle Cat Food

Tasty nutrition adjusted to each phase of your cat's life

This balanced, holistic cat food is packed full of lots of fresh poultry and nutrients from natural plants, fruits and other ingredients. Completely free from any artificial colours, aromas and preservatives, Sanabelle cat food is specially formulated to support your cat nutritionally with an irresistible, protein rich kibble.

A lot of cats are intolerant or have sensitivities to gluten, so Sanabelle recipes use gluten-free carbohydrates, such as rice or potato, instead of wheat. A large number of the products in the Sanabelle range contain no grain, gluten or soya, making it extremely digestible and perfect for even the most sensitive cats.

And not only does Sanabelle offer a wide variety of delicious flavours, there is also plenty of dry food and treats specifically tailored to your cat's individual needs. Sterilised or neutered cats, for example, have a slower metabolism and require fewer calories than unneutered cats. But they also have an increased appetite, so they need a specially formulated cat food with a reduced energy density, but with a high fibre content. This is why Sanabelle has developed a specific kibble for sterilised cats, with an adjusted nutrient profile so your neutered cat is fully nourished without the risk of becoming overweight! No matter what your cat needs, Sanabelle has something to offer!

Sanabelle offers a delicious selection of dry food and treats for cats of all ages:

Sanabelle Dry Food

  • Sanabelle Adult:

    This complete dry food is balanced with all the essential vitamins, nutrients and dietary fibres your adult cat needs. With varieties for large breeds, sensitive or indoor cats and specifically formulated for their nutritional requirements, as well as any problems they may be susceptible to. Sanabelle dry food helps your cat to naturally absorb and expel water, which can help to prevent urinary stones as well as other kidney problems. Enriched with functional ingredients, such as yucca extract, mussel meat extract and marigold flowers, these top quality ingredients are carefully selected so that every adult cat will benefit from this delicious, nutritious kibble from Sanabelle.

  • Sanabelle Kitten
  • A complete dry food for growing kittens aged up to 12 months. With an exceptionally high nutrient density and vitamin content, it is designed to support your kitten's development and form the basis for a long and healthy life. This balanced and gluten-free kibble is also ideal for pregnant and lactating cats, who require a high energy concentration for optimal foetal development, as well as milk production.

  • Sanabelle Senior
  • A reduced energy and high fibre kibble, adapted to meet the nutritional requirements of senior cats (age 8+). Made with tasty, fresh poultry and a special combination of vitamins and antioxidants to help protect your cat at a cellular level against the ageing process.

  • Sanabelle Special Nutrition
  • Whether your cat suffers from dental hygiene issues, requires a low-calorie diet or has a sensitive urinary system, Sanabelle has a dry cat food for all your cat's special needs. All special nutrition recipes have been created with the most common issues that cats suffer from in mind.

Sanabelle Cat Treats
  • Treat your cat to these tasty snacks made with lots of fresh protein. Perfect as a small reward or as a snack in between meals, these treats are available in a variety of delicious flavours. These gourmet cat snacks from Sanabelle are designed to offer a variety of health benefits, whether they be dental care or hairball control. These balanced, delicious snacks are packed full of healthy nutrients, thanks to their natural ingredients like dried fruits and plant fibres.

Why not take a look at our great selection of special offers available now at zooplus? Keeping your pet healthy and happy does not have to break the bank!