Sanabelle Hairball Snacks

12 x 20g
: 4/5
Sanabelle Hairball Snacks reduce the formation of hairballs and help expel existing hairballs. It contains plant fibres and is a optimal kibble size. Suitable for long and short-haired cats....further information
Product description
Sanabelle Hairball Snacks
Sanabelle Hairball Snacks
Sanabelle Hairball Snacks
Sanabelle Hairball Snacks
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12 x 20g234263.1
£15.79 / kg

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Sanabelle Hairball Snacks

- 12 x 20g

£15.79 / kg

Product description

Sanabelle Hairball Snacks reduce the formation of hairballs and help expel existing hairballs. It contains plant fibres and is a optimal kibble size. Suitable for long and short-haired cats.

Sanabelle Hairball Snacks are a delicious treat between meals and a tasty way to help combat the hairballs which occur when your cat goes about its daily grooming. The round shaped kibble is just the right size for your pet to be able to eat easily. Sanabelle Hairball Snack is available in a practical, small sized pouch so you know that it is always fresh.

Sanabelle Hairball Snacks contain certain plant fibres which can reduce the formation of hairballs and help existing hairballs to pass through the digestive system. This snack is suitable for long and short-haired cats.

Sanabelle Hairball Snacks:

  • Round-shaped kibble
  • Contains natural plant fibres
  • Suitable for long and short-haired cats
  • Helps hairballs to pass through the gut
  • Extremely tasty
  • Available in a practical 20g bag
Sanabelle Cat Snacks - the delicious treat between meals.


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Fresh poultry (20%), rice, dried poultry protein, animal fat, liver meal, dried sugar beet pulp (desugared), protein hydrolysate, cellulose, dried greaves, millet, linseeds, dried whole egg, fish oil, psyllium, dried yeast, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, dried green-lipped mussels, dried chicory, dried marigold flowers, yucca extract.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (17,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1500 IU), vitamin E (150mg), vitamin B1 (20mg), vitamin B2 (20mg), vitamin B6 (20mg), vitamin B12 (40mcg), biotin (275mcg), pantothenic acid (20mg), niacin (80mg), taurine (2000mg), folic acid (2mg), choline chloride (2450mg), zinc [as zinc oxide] (30mg), zinc [as amino acids of zinc chelate hydrate] (40mg), copper [as cupric-(II)-sulphate pentahydrate] (10mg), iodine [as calcium iodate anhydrous] (2mg), selenium [as sodium selenite] (0.2mg).
Technological additives:

Analytical constituents

protein30.5 %
fat22.5 %
fibre5.0 %
ash6.5 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Sanabelle Hairball Snacks are a supplementary food for cats.

Cat's weight Daily serving
2 - 3 kg 4 - 5 g
4 - 5 kg 6 - 7 g
6 - 7 kg 8 - 9 g
8kg 10g

Please ensure that your cat always has enough fresh drinking water.
Please take the snacks into account when calculating the daily amount of food your cat needs.


Sanabelle Hairball Snacks
: 4/5
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: 5/5
: 4/5
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Customer Photos
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: 5/5
Ragdoll perfect
My ragdoll who is very very furry absolutely loves these and I pretend they're treats. I fill up the mice treat holders and he loves it
10/02/24|A Douglas-Jones
: 5/5
Everyone is very keen on these
30/11/23|H Broome
: 5/5
My Maine coons love 'em!
I have 2 Maine coon boys. One, Idris, ia an obsessive groomer and gets hair balls. I add these to a mix of treats in a treat ball and both love them. He coughs less and has far fewer hair balla,as does his brother. A winner and a great price
19/11/23|Jenny Coley
: 5/5
Hair ball treats
BRILLIANT!!! will definitely be getting again. My baby boy loves them.
: 5/5
Cat loves them
No more spitting out hairballs in the middle of the night
: 5/5
Cat crazy about these!
Cat crazy about these, he comes and taps my hand to ask for them, they're his personal dream treats!! They work a treat too, no more hairballs since.
16/05/23|Mandy Wilson
: 5/5
Good value for money
My cats love these plus they definitely help with the furballs & you get plenty in the bags I always look for good deals & quality is important too for my animals
13/01/23|Sarah O
: 5/5
My cat loves these
My car absolutely loves these snacks and also the dental ones from Sanabelle. She really enjoys getting these as a treat in between meals and wolfs them down!
: 1/5
Cat vomits after eating these
Our Norwegian Forest Cat started vomiting after eating these snacks. He has thrown up 4 times in as many weeks, with the common denominator being these treats. Usually a few hours after eating them. Won’t be buying again!
14/09/22|Zeynep Erdem
: 5/5
My fussy cat loves it!
My cat who is very picky and fussy when it comes to food, just loved these! He even doesn’t like some sticks but totally digging to these ones.
: 5/5
My cat really likes these and they keep her hair ball issue under control.
: 4/5
Great snacks between the meals. My Prince loves them. ❤️ I
: 1/5
Cats hated this
All 3 cats turned their noses up to this product.
: 1/5
Didn't agree with my cat
My Ragdoll started vomiting after these treats. Won't give it to them again .
: 5/5
Our fussy cat loves these!
It's early days yet so difficult to know if they do the trick, but both of our cats gobbled these up. One of them is incredibly fussy and has food sensitivities so I wasn't convinced he'd take to these, but he seemed to like them.
: 5/5
The cat's learned how to steal these
Judging by his desperation for these, they are a 6/5 for my cat. He's learned to break into more and more difficult hiding places for them as a midnight snack. No more hairballs either. Excellent, and handy size packs.
19/10/21|Sue Brooklyn
: 5/5
Absolutely fabulous
My long haired cat suffers from hair balls so I thought I’d try these. She can’t get enough and has started waking me up in the early hours crying fit these!
: 1/5
Won't touch them :(
Neither of our two would touch these no matter what we did with them. Mistakenly ordered 2 x 12 and have 23 unopened packets going free!! It's a shame really but cats are such fussy creatures - drives me mad!!
: 5/5
Brilliant treat for hairballs. For once all.8 indoor cats love them.
16/12/20|Andrea G
: 5/5
My cat only wants these!
My cat absolutely loves these treats and he will stand at the cupboard where they are kept and beg for them. He has not had any hairballs since he began eating these. I definitely recommend them!