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Sanabelle Cat Treat

Snacks from Sanabelle combine functionality with an irresistible taste. The tasty treats each target a different nutritional need, helping to keep your cat healthy and happy. Cats will love these treats!
    3 products
    3 products


    Sanabelle Hairball Snacks

    Sanabelle Hairball Snacks reduce the formation of hairballs and help expel existing hairballs. It contains plant fibres and is a optimal kibble size. Suitable for long and short-haired cats.

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    1 Varieties from
    12 x 20g
    £3.99 £1.66 / 100g
    Sanabelle Dental Snacks

    Sanabelle Dental Snacks for daily dental care. Comes in original teeth shape with special kibble structure for optimal cleaning effect, help reduce plaque

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    1 Varieties from
    12 x 20g
    Was £3.99 Now£2.99 £1.25 / 100g
    Sanabelle Grain-Free Cat Sticks 55g

    100% grain-free, premium cat treats in delicious duck and pomegranate! With a soft, moist texture, these snacks are rich in meat, minerals, dried fruit, yucca extract, and taurine.

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    2 Varieties from
    Duck & Pomegranate
    £1.49 £2.71 / 100g
    Saver Pack: 3 x Duck & Pomegranate
    individually priced £4.47 Now£3.99 £2.42 / 100g

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