How zooPoints work
Collect with each purchase
It's FREE! Registered customers automatically earn zooPoints on every purchase.
They soon add up
Easy calculation £1.00 = 1 zooPoint. zooPoints are credited after order has been paid.
Redeem your zooPoints
Choose your free zooPoints Reward in our Rewards Shop and add it to your order.
A quick summary of the rules for collecting zooPoints:
You will receive 1 zooPoint for every £1.00 of your order value. If the order total is not a round figure, your zooPoints will be rounded to the nearest £0.50 e.g. for an order totalling £9.30 , you will receive 9 zooPoints; for an order totalling £9.80 , you will receive 10 zooPoints).

Your zooPoints will be credited to your account once your order has been paid in full and it is also confirmed as booked in our system. For technical reasons, payments are confirmed as booked in our system approx. 1 day after they are booked in your account.

Should the value of your order decrease (e.g. returned product, etc.), you will only be credited with zooPoints for the actual amount paid.

You can also earn extra zooPoints on certain special offers and promotions. These are advertised on our website and in our newsletters and can help you to get that special reward even faster.