Budgie Cages

Find the perfect budgie cage here. Budgies are relatively small, but very active and energetic parrots that can be taught to speak, whistle and play. The following cages will comfortably house your budgie. Most of our cages come with accessories.

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This bird aviary for small birds is made from robust wood, featuring metal mesh, three mesh doors, two stainless steel feeding bowls, 5 perches, swivelling feeding bar and a removable tray.

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83 x 67 x 153 cm (L x W x H)

Budgie Cages

A selection of stylish, sturdy homes for your budgies

Budgies may only be small, but they more than make up for it in energy and character! These active birds can be taught a wide range of fun skills, such as whistling, playing and speaking. In order to make these birds happy and comfortable, it is vital to provide them with a safe and spacious home, which is where the range of budgie cages at zooplus really excels.

The budgie cages we offer range from small, table-top cages all the way to large aviaries, with a broad selection in between to cover every budgie cage need! The budgie cages are attractive and practical, made from a variety of materials including birch wood and powder-coated metal. Many also come with useful accessories such as perches and feeding bowls. Whether you are looking for an extra deep tray, a pull-out base or a budgie cage that can be easily moved around, this selection is bound to contain something for you.

Our Selection of Budgie Cages

Here at zooplus we offer a varied selection of great value budgie cages:
  • Smaller budgie cages: These budgie cages are ideal for other small birds such as zebra finches, canaries, lovebirds and finches, as well as budgies. These simple budgie cages such as the Bird Cage Finca Pequeno and the Bianca Bird Cage are made from a range of materials and come with selected perches and accessories. They are designed to be easy to clean and have the perfect mesh size for smaller birds. There are also options with different sections that can be partitioned, making it particularly easy to get into the budgie cage and give it a thorough clean.
  • Aviaries: If you’re looking for something a little more spacious, particularly if you have a large number of birds or bigger species such as parakeets and small parrots, then browse our selection of bird aviaries. They include both indoor and outdoor varieties, as well as aviaries on wheels that can be moved outside if the weather is nice, to give your birds a lovely treat!
  • Natural wood cages: For something stylish, sophisticated and timeless, browse our selection of natural wood budgie cages. From natural colours to brightly painted wood, our selection is bound to offer something for everyone. They are treated to allow for easy cleaning and make a beautiful addition to any home, as well as being spacious for your budgies.

Add thoughtful details to your budgie cages! Take a look at our selection of bird and budgie cage accessories to provide your birds with the perfect home. Browse through a selection of perches, feeding bowls and toys to kit out your budgie cages in style!

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