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Dry Cat Food

Dry cat food at fantastic prices, with dishes to meet your cat’s nutritional needs no matter its age, breed, or special health issues. Each cat has different dietary needs, so we offer plenty of nutritious options. Complete your cat’s diet with a wet food

Supermarket - economical dry cat food

Dry Cat Food

Delicious dry food for cats - discover what zooplus has to offer!

Cost-effective, simple to store and easy to serve - dry food is a popular choice for many cat owners, so it is little wonder that there are so many varieties to choose from! Cats love tasty, meaty kibble as much as owners do. Here at zooplus we offer grain-free dry cat food and special feline nutrition, as well as tailored senior dry cat food and dry kitten food. There are also ranges of dry cat food for sensitive cats or those with allergies, such as grain free cat food, and kibble with a range of functions such as dental care, anti-hairball or low-fat cat food. When choosing your cat's diet, this broad range can be a little overwhelming, so here at zooplus we can offer you some handy tips on how to choose the right premium dry cat food for your feline!

What is dry cat food and what should I be looking out for a with a kibble diet?

Choosing a high quality cat food is essential in providing your cat with healthy nutrition. The ingredients of dry cat food are dehydrated, helping to keep it particularly compact and long-lasting. Dry cat food can not only last for a long time once the bag has been opened, but can also be left out for a longer amount of time for your cat to eat. Another advantage of dry food for cats is that it is easy to serve, and there is often less waste than when feeding wet food from cans or pouches. It is also less likely to be particularly strong smelling, so may be more pleasant to keep in your kitchen than wet cat food! Dry cat food is also the perfect choice for those prone to plaque or tartar build-up, as chewing the kibble supports mechanical teeth cleaning. If you are feeding your cat an exclusively dry cat food diet, you need to ensure that fresh drinking water is always available, as it has a much lower moisture content than wet food. Taking in sufficient fluids is essential for your cat's health and wellbeing, so here at zooplus we offer a great range of cat water fountains and cat drinking bowls to make this easier for you!

Which dry cat food is right for my cat?

Dry cat food is available in a great range of flavours, as well as with tailored dry cat food for different age, breeds and special health requirements. The recipes are tailored to ensure your cat receives the exact nutrition it needs. This includes age-appropriate diets, such as kitten dry food and senior kibble. Here are just some of the dry cat food varieties we have available here at zooplus!

  • Purina ONE Cat Food: this range of Purina ONE cat food has been specially created to meet your cat's nutritional needs throughout its life, with tailored Purina ONE dry cat food for senior, junior and adult cats, as well as specialist diets.
  • Whiskas Dry Cat Food: support your cat's health and wellbeing with delicious Whiskas dry cat food, offering a great texture and unbeatable flavour, helping to support dental care and abrasion. Whiskas dry cat food is ideal for every cat throughout its life, starting with kitten dry food, and features plenty of vital nutrients.
  • Hill's Science Plan Dry Cat Food: with a special care range of dry cat food as well as adult, kitten and senior varieties, this Hill's dry cat food offers something for everyone, with wholesome nutrition and delicious protein sources!

Grain-free dry cat food:

For many years, grains formed a key component in many cat kibble recipes, but grain-free cat kibble is becoming ever more popular! Many of the dry cat foods here at zooplus offer easy to digest carbohydrates such as potato as an alternative to ensure grain free cat food can be fed at every meal. Grain-free cat food is particularly beneficial for cats with allergies or intolerances.

Sterilised dry cat food:

A tailored kibble can be essential if your cat has been sterilised, as energy and nutritional needs will change. For example, your cat may have more of an appetite but may have lower energy needs. A special sterilised dry cat food can be essential in preventing unwanted weight gain.

Breed specific dry cat food:

A cat is not just a cat - they come in all shapes and sizes! Breed-specific dry cat food has been tailored to the unique needs of the breed, with tailored nutrition and adapted kibble shapes and sizes. If you have a cat such as a British Shorthair or a Siamese, which may require a specific kind of dry cat food nutrition, we have a range of options to choose from. We also offer specific dry cat food for larger breeds, all of which have been specially created to ensure your cat can live a happy and healthy life.

Dry kitten food:

In the early stages of your cat's life, it will not only require plenty of love, fuss and attention, but also a specifically tailored nutrition such as a kitten dry food that is designed to support healthy growth and development. A healthy, species-appropriate dry kitten food can help to form the basis of a long and happy life, with smaller kibble pieces and tailored recipes to help support your kitten through these vital growth phases.

Sensitive dry cat food:

As recently as a few years ago, owners of sensitive cats had to choose between easily digestible wet cat food and practical dry cat food when finding the best nutrition for their sensitive cat. This is no longer the case! Nowadays there are many sensitive dry cat food varieties that are specially created for sensitive stomachs. There are also various hypoallergenic dry cat food options that is an ideal choice for cats with allergies. They use easily digestible ingredients of the highest quality, without the addition of grains or chemical additives, which are well-tolerated even by sensitive cats. Grain free cat food is a great option for being gentle on more sensitive stomachs.

Single protein dry cat food:

Single protein kibble can be an ideal choice for cats that are sensitive, allergic or intolerant to certain protein sources. Using a single source protein recipe can help to ensure that food is a joy for your cat! Dry cat food with chicken or tuna for protein can be a great way to control your cat's nutrition.

How do I successfully change my cat's diet?

No matter whether you are changing your cat from a wet food to a dry food diet or simply moving your cat onto a different make of food, a feed change can be problematic if not done properly. To help avoid digestive problems or your cat flat-out refusing its new food, you should gradually mix the new food into your cat's current food, allowing your cat to slowly get used to its new diet until the old food is completely replaced.

zooplus offers a great range of premium dry cat food. High-quality cat kibble is available for every palate and every purse! Have a browse of our selection of dry cat food to find the perfect choice for your needs.

Already sorted your cat's nutrition? Then maybe it's time to have a snooze or do some exercise! Have a look at our range of cat toys, cat trees and cat scratching posts, cat beds and more in our zooplus Cat Shop!

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