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Applaws Dry Cat food products manufactured by Fold Hill Foods Ltd in the UK have been voluntarily recalled in the interest of consumer protection.
For further information please click HERE.
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    1 products


    Buy 48 x 70g cans of Applaws high-quality, natural wet cat food in a great-value Mega Pack!

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    4 Varieties from
    Fish Collection
    individually priced £37.96 Now£34.49 £10.26 / kg
    Mixed Selection in Broth
    individually priced £37.96 Now£34.49 £10.26 / kg
    Chicken Collection
    individually priced £37.96 Now£34.49 £10.26 / kg
    Jelly Selection
    individually priced £37.96 Now£34.49 £10.26 / kg

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    Applaws: a selection of delicious dry cat food

    Applaws Dry Cat Food offers premium complete kibble tailored to each and every stage of your cat’s life. It boasts a nutritious 80% meat content and has been formulated with the help of veterinarians to ensure that all of your cat’s nutritional needs are met. Even though your cat may spend its days lounging around the house, its ancestors were born to be wild. Applaws believes that our house cats should be fed a diet that reflects the natural feeding habits nature intended, to help ensure comprehensive health and good digestion, so the creators of Applaws cat food looked to the diets of cats in the wild when they developed their special formula.

    This means that Applaws cat food is made primarily from meat, with just a small amount of plant content as would be found in the stomach of prey. Applaws dry cat food is made exclusively using the finest quality animal protein and is free from grains, which can be difficult for cats to digest. They are often found in other brands of cat food but would not have formed a part of the natural feline diet, which is why Applaws cat food excludes them completely. Choose from a selection of meat and fish varieties, including chicken, salmon, duck, lamb and ocean fish. Applaws offers something to please every feline palate!

    Applaws Dry Cat Food:

    • Applaws Dry Cat Food: premium, complete dry kibble with plenty of meat and a range of delicious vegetables and plant extracts. Your cat can benefit from a rich array of functional ingredients including salmon oil and prebiotics, in grain-free recipes that are perfect for body and soul!
    • Applaws Kitten Dry Cat Food: low in carbohydrates but high in protein, this Applaws kitten kibble helps support your cat through the important first stages of its life. It contains omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, with meat as the sole protein source and natural support for digestion, urinary tract and immune system.
    • Applaws Senior Dry Cat Food: as your cat ages, its nutritional requirements will change. Applaws appreciates this and has developed a specific senior dry cat food with additional support in the form of taurine, rosemary extract and coconut oil. Ensure your cat’s golden years really are the best!

    Complete your cat’s food bowl with our selection of fabulous Applaws Wet Cat Food - there’s something for everyone at zooplus with the broad range of Applaws adult cans, Applaws kitten cans, Applaws senior wet food, Applaws pouches, Applaws pots and Applaws pâtés!

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