IAMS Pet Food

With IAMS pet food your pet will enjoy a long, active, and healthy life. IAMS pet food stimulates your animal's immune system, its strongest natural protection in every phase throughout your animals life. This food supports your cat's health composing of optimal ingredients including vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.


A different approach to pet food

Founded in 1946 by Paul Iams, an animal nutritionist, who developed the first dry dog food based on animal protein. IAMS pet food's commitment to innovation and dedication to pet health has helped to develop formulas that meet common needs of pets and owners, such as foods for multi-cat households. IAMS proactively nourishes your pet to promote healthy digestion, strong muscles, healthy teeth, a healthy heart, a strong immune system, healthy skin and shiny coat as well as strong bones. IAMS nutritional philosophy centres on developing dry foods high in animal protein that are nutritious for dogs & cats of all ages. All food undergoes more than a hundred quality tests and a thorough nutritional quality analysis.

Furthermore IAMS was one of the first brands to:

  • Tailor formulas by life stage in wet & dry forms.

  • Create food that fully supports puppy growth and development.

  • Have strict quality standards for all ingredients.

  • Use beet pulp & probiotics to improve intestinal health in dogs.

Like other brands, IAMS offers a wide selection of foods for pets of all ages, with zooplus offering some of the cheapest IAMS cat food and dog food offers around:

  • IAMS Dry Dog Food: food with a ProActive Health formula with chicken & turkey, tailored to breed size and specific needs e.g. weight loss.
  • IAMS Puppy Food: food for puppies of small & medium as well as large breeds.
  • IAMS Dry Cat Food: a balanced combination of nutrients, protein & carbohydrates for cats of all ages.
  • IAMS Wet Cat Food: selection of food in jelly or gravy for cats of all ages.
  • IAMS Kitten Food: promotes and supports kitten growth as well as providing the right nutrients for mother cats.

Here at zooplus you can find the cheapest IAMS cat food and dog food to keep your pet nourished!

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