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IAMS Kitten Food

IAMS Kitten Food including wet and dry options are perfect for growing kittens and junior cats. This IAMS food is also great for pregnant and nursing cats who need to pass on the right nutrients to their young.
IAMS Kitten and Junior has been developed to support growth, vitality, immune system and your kitten's heart and urinary tract putting them on the path to a long and healthy life.

IAMS Kitten Food:

IAMS for Vitality Kitten Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food

10.49 47.99 GBP 3
RRP*  £14.99
Our Price  £10.49
(£3.50 / kg)
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RRP*  £49.99
Our Price  £24.99
(£2.50 / kg)
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Economy Pack: 2 x 10kg
individually priced £49.98
Now £47.99
(£2.40 / kg)
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IAMS Delights Kitten – Chicken in Gravy

4.49 8.79 GBP 2
Chicken in Gravy (12 x 85g)
(£4.40 / kg)
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Saver Pack: Chicken in Gravy (24 x 85g)
individually priced £8.98
Now £8.79
(£4.31 / kg)
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IAMS Kitten Food

Offer your kitten the best start in life with top quality ingredients!

An IAMS kitten is a happy kitten! The IAMS Kitten Food range includes a broad range of wet and dry options, providing your kitten or young cat with all the key nutrients it needs to grow into a healthy, happy and active adult cat. Each dish has been specially developed to provide balanced nutrition and improve overall quality of life.
This range of IAMS Kitten Food is also ideal for pregnant or nursing cats, as it is rich in essential nutrients and can support recovery after giving birth. It is a great way to ensure your cat’s heart, urinary tract and immune system develop properly, as well as helping it to grow and keeping it active and adventurous, with a delicious dish at every meal!

Browse the full range of IAMS Kitten Food here at zooplus:

IAMS Kitten Food is a great way to ensure your kitten is receiving all of the nutrients it needs.
It is available in both wet and dry food varieties.

  • Dry Food: IAMS Kitten Food features a Proactive Health recipe, designed to support your cat’s health in the first 12 months of its life, with a nutrient-dense recipe offering key protein, vitamins and minerals that are vital in supporting healthy growth. It contains plenty of high quality animal protein and DHA to support brain development, as well as taurine, omega fatty acids and FOS for digestion. Even the kibble shape of this IAMS kitten food has been specially designed to be perfect for your kitten’s jaws!
  • Wet Food: the moist variety of IAMS Kitten Food has been developed using years of IAMS kitten research, offering a wholesome food of tasty meaty chunks encased in a delicious gravy. IAMS kitten food comes in easy to serve pouches that help support your body’s natural defences and keep digestion running smoothly.

Here at zooplus we offer a great range of IAMS Kitten Food to offer your cat the best possible start in life.
IAMS kitten food is wholesome and delicious, as well as providing key nutrients for healthy growth and development.

Browse the full range of IAMS Pet Food available here at zooplus, to keep your pet healthy and happy at every stage in its life.

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