IAMS Senior Cat Food

IAMS Senior and Mature Cat Food is for older cats whose needs have changed. Older cats are likely to need less energy as their activity levels decrease and they may also have other health problems such as bone problems, supported by IAMS Senior with added Calcium Carbonate, and joint problems, supported by Glucosamine Sulphate.

These IAMS Senior foods are ideal for cats aged over seven years and are also easier to chew and digest for your cat.

1 - 3 of 3 products
1 - 3 of 3 products
1 - 3 of 3 products
IAMS Naturally Cat Senior – Land & Sea Collection
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Delicious wet food for senior cats, in a multipack with salmon and lamb varieties to satisfy your cat, easy to digest and with high-quality proteins, as well as fibre, vitamins and minerals.

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12 x 85g
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£6.39 / kg

Delicious wet food for senior cats, with fine chunks in a tasty sauce, in a mixed pack selection with two flavour varieties, with a nutrient-rich recipe including vitamins, minerals and taurine.

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12 x 85g
£5.19 / kg
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£4.85 / kg

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Delicious dry food for senior cats, made with plenty of fresh chicken and a nutrient-rich recipe with vitamins and minerals, a source of taurine and rich in natural protein, complete and balanced.

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£3.33 / kg
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Economy Pack: 2 x 10kg
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£3.97 / kg

IAMS Senior Cat Food

For a long and healthy life!

Support your cat through its later years with a nutritious diet from IAMS. The IAMS Senior Cat Food range includes both wet and kibble dishes, all packed full of flavour and vital nutrition, so that your cat enjoys its meals as well as being nourished.
Older cats generally need less energy, as they become more sedentary in their more mature years, so they will need fewer calories in their diet, whilst maintaining high levels of nutrients. They are also prone to age-related health issues, including joint and mobility problems, so IAMS senior cat food contains added support such as prebiotics, calcium carbonate or glucosamine sulphate. This helps to ensure that your cat maintains its mobility and vitality even in its golden years.
Feed your cat over 7 years of age an IAMS senior cat food diet in order to ensure your cat’s long, healthy life continues!

Take a look at the full selection of IAMS senior cat food products available at zooplus:

  • IAMS Senior Dry Cat Food: if your cat loves a dry kibble then this IAMS senior cat food is for you, rich in animal protein, full of beneficial prebiotics and enriched with L-carnitine to help ensure your cat’s muscles, joints and immune system remain strong and healthy. It is packed full of key nutrients that ensure bones, teeth and joints remain healthy, as well as heart and eyesight. In short, this IAMS senior cat food cares for your cat’s comprehensive health in a delicious dish that is well accepted and optimised for older cats, even down to the kibble, which is designed to be easier to bite and chew than regular pellets.
  • IAMS Senior Wet Cat Food: the original recipe of this IAMS senior wet cat food is based on years of research, to ensure that your cat receives the perfect nutrition. It is made with succulent chunks of meat encased in a delicate gravy, so your cat will enjoy luxury at every meal. It has been made to the highest possible standards by premium producer IAMS, a company founded in 1946 and boasting years of experience.
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