Affinity Ultima Dry Cat Food

Ultima is a complete and well-balanced high nutrition food specially formulated to satisfy the specific needs of your cat. Feeding your cat with Ultima, you will notice the results of its high nutrition and you will also contribute to him having a long and healthy life.

For Affinity Ultima wet cat food, click here.
6 products
6 products
Ultima Sterilised Hairball – Turkey & Barley

Specialised food for sterilised cats, helps with the removal of swallowed hair & counteracts the buildup of hairballs, balanced & low in fat, low calorie formula that supports weight control

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Ultima Adult Sterilised - Salmon & Barley

Complete reduced calorie dry food for neutered cats with salmon and L-carnitine to help with weight management. Balanced nutrition with a balance of vitamins and minerals for good urinary tract health

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Ultima Hairball Control - Turkey & Rice

When cats clean their fur, they swallow hair which can form hairballs that accumulate in their stomach. This balanced complete food helps the swallowed hair to pass through their system safely.

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Ultima Adult Salmon

Balanced and nutritious complete dry cat food with essential protein from salmon for lean muscles, plus vitamins and minerals, Omega-3 and Omega-6 for healthy skin and coat.

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Complete dry food for sterilised cats, with a balanced recipe of fresh salmon enriched with fruit and vegetables, nutritious and with an irresistible flavour that is ideal for daily feeding.

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Grain-free dry food for sterilised cats, with a recipe rich in fresh French beef and refined with vegetables, balanced and complete, with omega-3 fatty acids, offering irresistible flavour.

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£8.99£8.17 / kg

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Affinity Ultima Cat Food

Balanced and nutritious dry cat food to keep your cat in the best of health

Ultimadry cat food is perfectly balanced to help your cat stay in tip top health. Made with high-quality proteins and only the best ingredients, it is gently steam cooked to preserve the natural nutrients and flavour. Available in multiple flavours and suitable for all cats, whatever their age or nutritional requirements, you can be sure to find a type of Ultima cat food that your cat will love!

Affinity Ultima Dry Cat Food Varieties

Whatever stage of its life your cat is at, Ultima has the perfect dry cat food to meet your pet's needs.
  • Ultima Junior Food: A complete dry food to support your kitten's growth and development.
  • Ultima Adult Cat Food: Keep your cat healthy and free from urinary tract issues with the James Wellbeloved Cat Adult range.
  • Ultima Senior Cat Food: Easy to digest, this dry food has the perfect amount of protein for cats aged 7+.
  • Ultima Special Needs Cat Food: For cats who need a special diet to suit their specific requirements. Varieties range from urinary care to hairball control .

Affinity Ultima also has a wet cat food range to add a bit of variety to your cat's diet.
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