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Ultima Sterilised Hairball – Turkey & Barley

Product description

Ultima Sterilised Hairball – Turkey & Barley 5 3
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Product description

Specialised food for sterilised cats, helps with the removal of swallowed hair & counteracts the buildup of hairballs, balanced & low in fat, low calorie formula that supports weight control
Sterilised cats have a different metabolism that can make them quieter and more sedate, with an increased appetite. Ultima Sterilised Hairball has been specifically designed to support your sterilised cat’s wellbeing. With its low fat and decreased calorie formula, this balance dry food helps maintain and control weight, while the added ingredient, L-carnitine, boosts metabolism and fat burning. The vegetables and whole grains in the recipe have a low glycemic index, meaning they are slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised and cause a lower and slower rise in blood glucose.

Some sterilised cats like to devote themselves to grooming, which can make hairballs an issue. The plant fibre and malt extract in Ultima’s recipe support the removal of hair from your cat’s gastrointestinal tract, counteracting the formation of hairballs. With turkey as the main ingredient, this high-quality food is particularly tasty and easily digestible. In addition, there are whole grain cereals, vegetables and a valuable mix of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Now you can provide your sterilised cat with a nutritious, tasty food that has been perfectly tailored to its needs!

Ultima Sterilised Hairball – Turkey & Barley at a glance:

  • Complete food for adult cats
  • Specially adapted to the needs of sterilised cats with an increased appetite and a sedentary lifestyle
  • Anti-hairball formula: with plant fibre and malt extract, which aid in the removal of swallowed hair and prevent the formation of hairballs
  • Low fat & calorie: light formula, ideal for weight control after sterilisation
  • With L-carnitine: can boost metabolism & fat burning
  • 15%: tasty, light and easily digestible, with valuable animal proteins
  • Low glycemic index: with vegetables & whole grain cereals that provide natural sugars slowly.
  • Contains taurine: a vital building block for cats, can promote heart strength & good vision
  • Balance & complete nutrient profile: perfectly adapted to the requirements of sterilised cats
  • No colouring or preservatives
  • Gently steamed: locking in the flavour and nutrients
  • Delicious kibbles: dried in the oven
  • Resealable zip bag: for long-lasting freshness
  • Quality & safety: strictly controlled production process with high standards


Turkey (15%), poultry protein, corn protein, corn (12%), whole grain (8%), barley (7%), dried pork protein, plant fibre, hydrolysed animal protein, beet pulp, animal fat, yeast, malt extract, fish oil, salt, potassium chloride.

Nutritional additives per kg:
Vitamin A (32000 IU), vitamin D3 (2130 IU), vitamin E (450mg), vitamin C [ascorbyl monophosphate, sodium/ calcium] (350mg), taurine (1200mg) , L-carnitine (500mg), vitamin B6 [pyridoxine hydrochloride] (13.3mg), iron sulfate monohydrate (356mg [iron 117mg]), potassium iodide (2.6mg [iodine 2 Manganese II-sulfate monohydrate (169mg [manganese 55mg]), zinc sulfate monohydrate (539mg [zinc 196mg), copper sulfate pentahydrate (46mg [copper 12mg]) ]), sodium selenite (0.3mg [selenium 0.15mg]).

With antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein 35.0 %
fat 12.0 %
fibre 5.0 %
sodium 0.65 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation

Ultima Sterilised Hairball – Turkey & Barley is a complete dry cat food.

Weight of cat Quantity in g/ day
2 - 4kg 30 - 50g
4 - 6kg 50 - 65g
6 - 8kg 65 - 80g


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