Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken

: 5/5
Dry food for adult cats, featuring a patented dental technology with teeth-cleaning effects, helping to combat plaque and tartar, promoting good oral hygiene and with omega fatty acids for skin....further information
Product description
Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken
Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken
Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken
Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken
Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken
Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken
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£11.46 / kg
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Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken - 1.5kg
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Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken

- 1.5kg

£11.33 / kg

Product description

Dry food for adult cats, featuring a patented dental technology with teeth-cleaning effects, helping to combat plaque and tartar, promoting good oral hygiene and with omega fatty acids for skin.

If your cat is suffering with bad breath and plaque, this Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken is the ideal solution. Thanks to a unique, specially-formulated kibble, this dry food can help to clean your cat's teeth and mechanically remove plaque and tartar with every bite. This can help to combat mouth odours and promote good oral hygiene.
Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken also contains omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E, completing the recipe and helping to support skin and coat health. Let your cat feel wonderful both inside and out!

Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken at a glance:
  • Complete food for adult cats
  • ​​​​​​​Mechanical cleaning: fibres and large kibble help to clean your cat's teeth like a toothbrush
  • Patented dental technology: tooth surface is cleaned as your cat will need to chew for longer than with conventional food
  • Clinically proven: combats plaque and reduces mouth odours
  • ​​​​​​​Omega fatty acids: can support skin and coat health
  • Made from high-quality ingredients: ​​​​​​​easy to digest


Go to analytical constituents
Chicken and turkey meal, brewer's rice, maize gluten meal, maize, animal fats, cellulose, vegetable oil, minerals, protein hydrolysate, fish oil.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (6218 IU), vitamin D3 (598 IU), vitamin E (500mg), vitamin C (90mg), iron (57.7mg), iodine (0.9mg), copper (5.7mg), manganese (6mg), zinc (119mg), selenium (0.1mg).
With natural antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein30.8 %
fat18.7 %
fibre7.2 %
ash5.2 %
calcium0.81 %
phosphorus0.7 %
magnesium0.06 %
potassium0.62 %
sodium0.38 %
omega-6 fats3.6 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken is a complete dry cat food.

Cat's weight Serving in g/day
2kg 30 - 45g
3kg 45 - 60g
4kg 55 - 75g
5kg 65 - 90g
6kg 75 - 100g
 7kg+ 13g per kg
The amounts stated above are approximate guidelines and should be adjusted to each cat's individual requirements in order to maintain optimal body weight.


Hill's Science Plan Adult Oral Care Chicken
: 5/5
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Customer Photos

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: 5/5
Looking after their teeth
My cat had to have dental work which was expensive, but after the vet gave me a bag of these biscuits. Both cats enjoyed them and so I have carried on using them to help their teeth. It’s a good price and delivered si know heavy shopping bags and I’m happy with it all.
: 3/5
Getting too expensive
My cats like this food but every time I reorder the price has gone up. Not happy. Got too expensive for a small bag of dry cat food.
28/05/23|Holly Bailey
: 5/5
Very good
My two 10 year old moggies absolutely love these biscuits and enjoy having a good crunch on them when they eat. I mix them in with the Hills mature biscuits, so they get the best of both. Brilliant product.
: 2/5
I'm sure it's a good product but...
Have had other Hill's products for my cats but unfortunately 3 out of 4 don't care for the oral care dry food and the other cat only touches it occasionally. Will be donating the bag to a cat rescue and returning to Royal Canin. Great shame
: 3/5
Eats whole!
Unfortunately my cat just swallows them whole which defeats the object! Strangely, she will crunch smaller dry food pieces. So I have no idea if this food actually works.
: 1/5
Zero interest
I have 2 cats, one of them loves ALL dry food. Unfortunately none of my cats would touch it! Complete waste of money
: 5/5
Love it!
Cat loves it! Takes a while for him to get through the big pebbles so it does clean his back teeth nicely. The bag with a zip lock is a great idea, means the cat can’t get into it on his own, it keeps the food fresh and the smell inside the bag!
: 4/5
Approval from my cats
Taste wise, my cat seem excited to have this for a change so I am happy that I got this at this time, however the size of kibble are irregular and in fact smaller than those oral care kibbles by Royal Canin which I usually buy so one of my cats doesn't chew - he just gobbles down ,, that's my only concern but I am sure it works for all other cats. : )
23/09/17|Lauren Bowler
: 4/5
Cat loves them but gone in a flash! Not sure they're doing the job if she doesn't crunch them...
Bought this to give my cat a change from the Hill's Prescription Diet Feline t/d - Dental Care, as from the product descriptions & reviews they sounded as though they were much the same. Cat loves both (hence 4/5) - but this stuff smells, has a slightly sticky texture, & the pieces aren't any bigger than normal dry food, so my fat cat wolfs them down without chewing! The Prescription Diet food forced her to crunch the pieces to clean her teeth (& eat slower!) so think I'll be returning to that.
: 5/5
Seal of approval from a fussy cat
My cat normally starts to get bored with dry food once she is about two thirds of the way through. She has now finished her first bag of Oral Care, and still seems enthusiastic about it, which is a first. She even begs for more once her bowl is finished. I can't comment on how effective the oral care action is yet, but it did come highly recommended by my vet.
04/01/17|KD Punshon
: 5/5
My fussy cat loves this!
Ms. Tilly loves this food. There is really nothing else to be said. I don't know whether it really helps her teeth but its crunchy and she loves it. Good enough for me.
04/01/16|Sheran Ridge
: 5/5
Approved by an Aristocat!
I have been buying this for Her Highness (who is 8 years old) for some time now as it was recommended by the royal physician when she was at risk of getting gingivitis. She's more interested in ordering her subjects around than eating but she really loves the Hills Oral Care and has never gone off it as she has with other cat food. As others have said, it is quite expensive but far cheaper than the royal physician and there's no waste.
03/05/15|Jackie Kimberley
: 5/5
Promoting Healthy Teeth in Cats
I purchase this for my many cats and they love it. I usually mix it in with Hill's Longevity so altogether they have a healthy diet and avoid expensive dental treatment at the vets. Zooplus provides excellent service and value for money. So whilst I am happy in the knowledge that my cats are eating quality food I am delighted that I have greater purchasing power shopping at Zooplus.
01/03/15|Jennifer Vaughan
: 5/5
Fantastic product
Oliver is almost 16 years old, he has been on Hill's Science Plan Sensitive biscuits for almost 4 years. I decided to try this product when he was suffering very badly from pain and constipation. He loves this product and is now free from upset stomach troubles. Can be an expensive product to buy, but definitely worth it!
01/10/14|A Maw
: 5/5
I have 2 cats of very different ages - they both love these biscuits and long term use of them has kept their teeth in tip top condition in fact the vet said my 6yr old cat had perfect teeth and gums at her last check-up. She loves them so much that she sneaks into the under stair cupboard where they are kept and makes a hole in the side of the bag and helps herself to them. The only biscuits that get eaten straight away leaving super clean dishes!!
: 5/5
Oral Care
Great Oral Care Biscuits,only ones my cats will eat,no more smelly breath,also the delivery of this product from zooplus is super fast .
12/12/13|Mrs. Shirley Ann Charles
: 5/5
Treat time
One of our cats has poor teeth and it is tricky cleaning his teeth and gums, we were recommended to use Hills Prescription diet for dental health by our vet. Both of our cats took a little while getting used to it, I thought I would try the oral care and both our cats thought they were having a treat! They absolutely love it, it does the same job as the dental care but doesn't have such a strong odour.
: 5/5
Essential for dental health
My vet recommended this food for my cat when he spotted a bit of tartar build up. My cat already only ate dry food so I didn't think she would have this issue. This food is great as a preventative measure, the large biscuits scrape the teeth as my cat eats it, and she likes it as much as her other food. We've been using it for a couple of years now.
: 5/5
Teeth improved quickly after switch from wet food
Our two-year-old cat had been on a diet of Bozita until very recently. Although I've no doubt it's a high-quality food, plaque began to build up and there were black marks on his gums, which caused us some concern. On switching to this product recently, there has been some improvement already. Although he always ate the Bozita without problems, the cat is much more enthusiastic about this food, to the point of whining constantly for the two hours prior to a mealtime (the only annoying downside of the switch). If you switch your cat from a wet food to these Hill's biscuits, they will feel hungrier for a while due to lack of moisture in the food, and have to learn to drink a lot more water to compensate. About a month or so after the switch, he does seem less ravenous than he was at first. (And yes, we've been carefully feeding him the correct amount for a cat of his weight.) Value for money is pretty good, especially in the larger bags. If your cat is anything like ours, it's worth using the Trixie 'board game' (search on Zooplus) to slow down the rate of eating somewhat.
: 5/5
Great for cleaning teeth.
Our little cat has had a lot of her teeth removed over the years due to a tooth decay. A friend of mine recommended this product and I'm happy to say that when she went to the see the vet for a general health check, the vet was surprised at how good her teeth were looking. I told him that I had been giving her a handful of this food as a treat daily and he said that it seems doing the trick. Even a fussy eater enjoys this as part of her treats!