Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

No more unpleasant scooping and cleaning of the litter try. The self cleaning cat litter box is the best cat litter box for busy cat owners. In just seconds the litter box is clean and fresh again. The innovative designs of the self cleaning litter boxes make life so much easier. It is fast and hygienic.

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The Roll'n'Clean self-cleaning litter box is the hygienic way to keep litter boxes clean. This innovative litter box makes cleaning easy and you won't need a litter scoop. Your cat will love it.

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Self Clean Cat Litter Boxes

The next generation of cat litter trays!

Make cleaning your cat’s litter tray a thing of the past with an innovative and efficient self cleaning litter box! No more scooping out litter and and scrubbing urine residue from the tray, as an innovative self cleaning litter box will now do the job for you. It takes only seconds for your cat’s litter tray to once again be good as new!

The soiled litter can be removed from the self cleaning litter box in a simple, efficient way that leaves your cat’s litter tray clean and hygienic, without excessive effort on your part and without the need to use a litter scoop. It is at its best when combined with a good quality clumping litter and will make your life so much easier, from day one!

Key features of a self cleaning litter box:

  • Innovative, patented design that makes cleaning a breeze
  • Quick, easy and hygienic - no more scrubbing to remove residue and no lingering smells
  • With an inbuilt grill for removing clumps from the litter
  • Removable tray for easy and mess-free removal of litter
  • No need for batteries or electrical power sources
  • An ideal size for the average cat

Why wait? A self cleaning litter box will make it so much easier to keep your cat’s litter area clean and hygienic, without added effort or the need for harsh, harmful chemicals. It couldn’t be simpler, so add a self cleaning litter box to your and your cat’s life straight away! Here at zooplus we offer a great range of cat litter trays and boxes, both with and without filters and in a variety of styles. Browse the full range of Cat Litter Boxes & Litter Trays to find the perfect litter box solution for you and your cat. There are bigger litter trays for larger cats, corner litter trays that fit easily and effortlessly into your home and top entry litter boxes for added privacy. You can also explore the range of litter bins, tray liners, scoops, mats and cleaning products, including vacuum cleaners and odour management solutions, available here at zooplus!
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