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Litter Champ & Litter Locker

Find the right cat litter disposal system for your cat household. When it comes to cat litter bins, both the classic Litter Champ and the popular Litter Locker will prevent unpleasant odours from taking over your home and make cleaning your cat's litter tray easier than ever.

Litter Champ:

Litter Champ

5.99 24.99 GBP 3
26 x 24 x 49.5cm (L x W x H)
RRP*  £26.90
Our Price  £24.99
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Replacement Bag
RRP*  £7.99
Our Price  £5.99
(£5.99 / unit)
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Economy Pack: 3 x Replacement Bags
individually priced £17.97
Now £15.99
(£5.33 / unit)
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Litter Locker:

LitterLocker® Litter Box

24.99 27.99 GBP 2
(£27.99 / unit)
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Was  £27.99
Now  £24.99
(£24.99 / unit)
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LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin

5.99 21.99 GBP 2
LitterLocker® Fashion (incl. refill cartridge)
Was  £24.99
Now  £21.99
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1 x Refill Cartridge
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LitterLocker II Refill Cartridge

5.49 15.99 GBP 2
Refill Cartridge
(£5.49 / unit)
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Economy Pack: 3 x Refill Cartridge
individually priced £16.47
Now £15.99
(£5.33 / unit)
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LitterLocker® Fashion Refill Cartridge

5.99 5.99 GBP 1
1 x Refill Cartridge
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Litter Champ & Litter Locker

Keep your cat’s toilet area clean and hygienic!

Cleaning out your cat’s litter tray can be an unpleasant task, so here at zooplus we offer everything to make it as easy a job as possible. Cat litter bins are a hygienic and odour-free way of disposing of your used cat litter. These cat litter disposal systems are an innovative way in which to ensure you can keep your cat’s toilet area clean and fresh, as well as making sure your home does not end up smelling!
A cat litter bin is a perfect solution for used cat litter. Unlike regular bins, these cat litter bins are designed to trap bad odours with specially sealed lids! With its sealed lid to prevent and bad odours escaping it is a fantastic alternative to flushing cat litter or stinking up your own bins! Here at zooplus we also offer a range of innovative cat litter boxes that are exceedingly simple to empty and keep clean!

Browse our full range of Litter Champ & Litter Locker products available here at zooplus:

We offer a great range of cat litter disposal systems to suit every household.
Choose from a broad selection of innovative designs that help to prevent odours taking over your household.

  • Litter Champ: the Litter Champ is a revolutionary cat waste disposal system that is ideal for quickly getting rid of your cat’s soiled cat litter. It is hygiene and easy to use, without releasing odours into your home and triple-sealed to help ensure this. A Litter Champ cat litter bin can simply be filled with a replacement bag when needed, ensuring you can enjoy ongoing freshness and hygiene!
  • LitterLocker: a LitterLocker cat bin is another great, hygienic way to get rid of your cat’s soiled litter. It uses innovative technology to help contain odours and can be simply refilled to ensure optimum effectiveness. Here at zooplus you can also find the LitterLocker litter box, which uses a great emptying system to make it easy and effective to use.

Choose from a great range of cat litter bins available here at zooplus, in a selection of sizes and styles.
Here at zooplus we offer an extensive selection of innovative cat waste disposal solutions.

Find the perfect cat litter box or litter tray in our zooplus Cat Shop, to ensure your cat’s toilet area is fresh and hygienic!

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