LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin

1 x Refill Cartridge
: 4/5
Hygienic disposal system for soiled cat litter, with refill cartridge. The multi-layer barrier film refill with Air Seal technology traps bacteria and bad odours for up to 2 months....further information
Product description
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
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Product description

Hygienic disposal system for soiled cat litter, with refill cartridge. The multi-layer barrier film refill with Air Seal technology traps bacteria and bad odours for up to 2 months.

Cleaning your cat's litter tray is a daily chore for every cat owner. This LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin makes the perfect practical accessory for every cat household, helping to solve the issue of your cat's unpleasant-smelling toilet.
This LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin allows you to easily dispose of soiled litter, storing it in a hygienic and completely odourless way before being thrown away. The special film bag helps to keep odours contained, as well as thoroughly containing bacteria and germs. The integrated, child-safe cutter allows you to easily break through the bag and throw the litter into the rubbish.

Easy to use:
  1. Open the lid and throw in the soiled litter
  2. Close the lid and pull the handle
  3. Release the handle to lock in bad odours and bacteria
Easy to empty:
  1. Open the cat litter bin
  2. Cut the film bag
  3. Tie a knot in the bag and dispose
LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin at a glance:
  • Stylish waste disposal bin for soiled cat litter
  • Reduces trips to the dustbin
  • Quick, hygienic and odour-free litter disposal
  • Large capacity: holds up to 2 weeks' worth of soiled cat litter for 1 cat
  • Includes refill cartidge: 1 cartridge with plastic film lasts up to 2 months in a single cat household
  • Practical carrying handle: easy to use
  • Closing system handle: guarantees airtight closure of plastic film bag
  • With litter scoop and removable litter scoop holder: for easy cleaning
  • Fully removable lid: for easy cleaning of lid and bin
  • Integrated, child-safe cutter: easy to cut filled bag
  • Modern design, rounded corners
  • Flexible scoop holder: can be attached on either side of the bin
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to empty
  • Colour: white
  • Dimensions:
    • Bin: 24 x 24 x 43 cm (L x W x H)
    • Bin with litter scoop holder: 29 x 24 x 43 cm (L x W x H)
  • Includes: 1 LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin, 1 litter scoop, 1 litter scoop holder and 1 refill cartridge
LitterLocker® Fashion Refill Cartridge at a glance:
  • Reliably locks in odour and bacteria
  • Air Seal multi-layer plastic film creates effective odour barrier
  • Usage: 1 cartridge lasts approx. 2 months in a single cat household
  • Hygienic and easy to replace
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 17.5 x 5 cm (L x W x H) 


LitterLocker® Fashion Cat Litter Bin
: 4/5
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04/09/22|Mick Maidens
: 5/5
Excellent Product
Works very well never used refill bags. Once the cartridge is empty I just used bin bags and an elastic band. just push the bag through the old cartridge and secure with the elastic band. Works perfectly.
: 4/5
Good product difficult to get hold of bags
Like the bin. Struggled to get replacement bags. Lots of people suggest standard bin bags, but you lose the convenience and clean look of the product. In case it helps, we found that Litter Genie refills fitted. Not perfectly, but the lid closes and the bags pull through.
: 1/5
Product works fine BUT please do not buy as it will obsolete when the first cartridge of liners is used as you will not be able to buy replacement liners anywhere + there are no alternative available
24/06/22|Samantha Baumgardner
: 3/5
It's OK... Smaller than I thought...
The refills are going to cost loads. You don't really get that much plastic. Make sure you tie a really good knot. The plastic is fairly robust, thicker than I imagined. I just find that to drop the litter the part you pull is really tight. So you really gotta tug hard. Using 2 hands. It just doesnt easily drop litter and you done. It's really awkward tough. After my surgery I wanted something to save trips to outside bins. Suppose its tight to keep smells in. Hopefully it'll get easier.
: 4/5
Good, but I don't use the cartridges
I have an older litter locker. It's sturdy and works well, though I never used the feeble scoop. I didn't much like the pull through cartridge system, which wasted a lot of plastic, what with tying knots. After it ran out, I started using regular bin bags. I cut the end off one to go under the rim, so waste if directed down into the body. An intact bag just goes into the main compartment, with its rim folded over the top of the compartment, like you'd do with any other bin.
: 5/5
No More Smells - Great Purchase
I was a little sceptical but for the money I thought a Litter Locker was worth a try. We clean the litter tray as soon as it’s been used but it’s not always convenient to take a Pooh bag straight out to the bin, especially during the night. We now place the Pooh bag in the litter locker, and any smells are locked in. Easy to use and empty, tucks away in the corner. Well worth the money.
: 1/5
The trap door doesn’t work well
I found that operating the trap door while using the bin was difficult, and it always got in the way or snapped closed at the wrong moment. I took it off eventually, but the gap it left let smell out, and the sharp corners left inside cut the bag when trying to remove it. I’ve now thrown the bin in another bin and trying a different brand.
: 5/5
Fantastic purchse
We purchased this as cat trays we’re going in to our new bedroom. It is so easy to use and the litter only ever comes into contact with the plastic it will eventually be encased in. I can testify it keeps the smells locked away. I think best of all it has cut down on our plastic waste as we now use just as much as we need for a weeks worth of litter between 2 moggies. Far better than the used carrier bags we were using. It is so good we’ve ordered a second one for a tray downstairs.
: 5/5
Best purchase
We're very happy with our Litter Locker, we used to clear out spoiled litter in to poo bags and bin them but the smell was just unbearable and living in a flat, we couldn't escape it. Found the Litter Locker on here and decided to try it as it couldn't get worse than we had it already. Best purchase we've made, can't smell a thing once the trays have been emptied in there, the refills last longer than anticipated which is a bonus and it tucks away neatly in our spare bathroom, exceedingly happy!
: 5/5
Best thing to keep smells away
This is really a great purchase. We are very impressed with its capability to contain odours and how easy it is to use. The design is not the best, it is a bit awkward to use at times, but overall it is an excellent product and the cartridges are not too expensive :)
: 5/5
Great purchase
After looking for weeks into it and other similar brands decided to purchase it. My only concern was that it will not keep the smell in. But it is great, there is no smell coming from the inside. I am only using ir for couple of days now so cannot comment on how long the bags refill last for, as it is the only downside, they’re a little on the pricy side.
24/06/20|Hayley Stanway
: 5/5
We couldn’t believe how effective the LitterLocker is. We have to keep it in the living room so if there was any smell from it at all, we would notice it immediately, but there isn’t. We have 2 kittens who are pooping more than adult cats do and we empty it weekly but we expect this to go down. We could get longer from it but our bin collection is weekly and we don’t want it to fall between collections, for obvious reasons. Really easy to use. Highly recommend
: 1/5
Badly made!
Generally it's okay, but the plastic bit that holds the bag doesn't fit properly in the top and then this causes the handle you pull towards you underneath to jam when your trying to empty the litter into the actual bag which is really annoying! And the plastic but with the blade that cuts the bags is not in a good position, when you try and empty the bag it catches on it evrytime and makes it a nightmare to try and get the bag out of the litter locker to be emptied!
: 4/5
Great Product
I have 9 cats and 6 litter trays and that I have to clean daily and I used to use doggy poo bags which was very tedious and much more time consuming but with this I can just empty the poo and wee (I use clumping litter which I highly recommend) straight into the bin and I take it out around once every week/10 days. I have two of these for different areas of my house and there’s no smell at all they’re honestly amazing. Only downfall was that the lid is slightly loose but doesn’t affect the use.
: 5/5
Love it!
I haven’t experienced any of the problems that the bad reviews have. I started with a litter champ and found it smelly and quite poor construction so I bought the litter locker and now I have two (Just in case it gets discontinued)! I have one indoor cat who uses clumping litter so I change the bag once every two weeks. Great design; keeps smell in and stops multiple trips outside!
: 5/5
Litter lock
This is perfect idea for indoor cats. I changed the bag once week .there is no smell. I used litter lock for past couple of years
: 5/5
If you leave the scoop holder off it works great. We use a supermarket (smaller) scoop. Refills last a while. Empty once a week with 4 cats and no smells
: 2/5
Not as good as the litter locker II
Less than three months of use, the bottom of the litter locker has come away from the sides. The clips securing the bottom seem to have snapped internally causing the bottom to fall out with any weight in the unit. I now have to cuddle the bottom to prevent it from falling off when I move between the two litter boxes in my house downstairs. Disappointing.
: 5/5
Love this bit of kit
I have a multi cat household and I was really surprised at how good this locker is at locking in the smell. I’ve had no issues assembling or using the product and I do recommend it!
: 1/5
NOT as Good as Litterlocker 2
Very disappointing unit. There is a serious manufacturing flaw. When you have put the cartridge in, and close the lid as per instructions, and then try to pull the bag through the bag rips because the lid is clamping down on the cartridge. Contacted Litterlocker about the issue and their recommendation was to replace it. Not good advice because if this one does it all that Zooplus has in stock will do just the same.