Raised Cat Bowls

Raised Cat Bowls allow your cat to eat its food at just the right level. An ergonomic bowl can create a more comfortable eating experience for your cat.
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    2 products

    This designed feeding bowl is made from lacquered wood with black ceramic dishes. The robust mounting has slip-proof rubber feet with silent silicone caps. It is easy to clean and dishwasher proof.

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    An elegant ceramic bowl for cats, with a heavy base and inclined bowl. Helps improve posture and relieve stress on joints when eating. Made of smooth, non-porous ceramic with a cute paw print design.

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    150ml, 13cm diameter

    Raised Cat Bowls

    For improved posture and digestion during feeding times

    Raised cat bowls are a great way to improve your cat’s overall posture as it eats its meals, creating a more natural line from the mouth along the spine and encouraging healthier, more comfortable digestion. These ergonomic raised cat bowls have been designed to make eating a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for your cat.
    Here at zooplus, our selection of raised cat bowls also includes feeding stations with more than one bowl, ideal for providing both food and water or for multicat households. These raised cat bowls are also available in a range of different styles and designs, including sleek glass dishes and smooth ceramic options, from a number of premium brands.

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    This range of raised cat bowls have been carefully designed to provide the best possible feeding experience for your cat, ensuring healthier digestion and a better intake of nutrients.
    These raised cat bowls are easy to keep clean and hygienic to support your cat’s health.

    • Feeding stations: these raised cat bowls are set on stands, so that they can be easily taken apart for cleaning and to prevent you needing to bend down to put food in the dish. The stands are anti-slip and are also a great way to prevent flecks of food from being sprayed around your floor. With stylish designs in ceramic and glass, these raised cat bowls are sure to make an eye-catching addition to your kitchen.
    • Hygienic: most of the bowls included in the raised cat bowl sets are dishwasher proof, for the optimum hygiene and to prevent germs from building up.
    • Beneficial: raised cat bowls such as the puzzle feeders also help to encourage your cat to eat more slowly, either by providing a puzzle or simply preventing your cat from wolfing down its food so that it can get into a more comfortable position. This is beneficial to overall health and can making eating more enjoyable for your feline.

    The range of raised cat bowls here at zooplus is extensive, offering an option for everyone.
    This selection of raised cat bowls is ideal for everyone, providing options for single and multi cat households, all hygienic, ergonomic and supportive of your cat’s health.

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