Slip-proof Cat Bowl with Imprint

0.20 litre
: 4/5
Small stainless steel bowl with cat imprint, perfect for cats....further information
Product description
Slip-proof Cat Bowl with Imprint
Slip-proof Cat Bowl with Imprint
Slip-proof Cat Bowl with Imprint
Slip-proof Cat Bowl with Imprint
Slip-proof Cat Bowl with Imprint
Slip-proof Cat Bowl with Imprint
Slip-proof Cat Bowl with Imprint
Slip-proof Cat Bowl with Imprint
0.20 litre198034.0

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Product description

Small stainless steel bowl with cat imprint, perfect for cats.

This stainless steel food bowl is easy to clean and made slip-proof with a rubber ring. It'll stay firm on the ground, even with very eager feeders!
  • Slip-proof
  • Easy to wash
  • Dishwasher safe
  • With cute cat imprint

Dimensions of the Slip-proof Cat Bowl with Imprint:

Volume Diameter
- Base -
- Top of Bowl -
200 ml approx. 15 cm approx. 11 cm approx. 3 cm


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Latest user reviews

23/09/23 | Meg
: 5/5


This bowl I have been using for 3 years. Is perfect because is round inside, no food left in the corners.
28/05/23 | Carla
: 4/5

Good for kittens

We ordered 3 bowls (2 for food and 1 for water). I think they could be bigger, but our kittens are still only 9-weeks old and these work just fine. The bowls are easy to clean and stack up nicely when we put them away. We want to try ceramic bowls next, but the stainless bowls are better than plastic ones.
: 1/5

Rubber smells rubber

The rubber is smelly and cat won’t eat from dish. Rubbersh
02/09/21 | Luna
: 5/5


Good quality
06/07/21 | Claire
: 5/5


Ideal - I bought it for water but will be purchasing another for his food! So cheap too.
03/06/21 | em
: 5/5


work well, no issues
31/05/20 | Nat
: 4/5

Good for the price

I haven’t had a chance to use these yet but they look a good quality considering the price
: 4/5

Good value bowl, but ...

These bowls are good value at only 99p each, so I bought a few, but the rubber ring is a different size on each of them. Some are very loose and stretchy, while others are so tight that they are almost impossible to put back on. Tried using the bowls without the rubber ring and they slid all over the place, so the ring is definitely needed.
: 5/5

Nice low level bowl ideal for a kitten

Very happy with these items (ordered 2) at 99p each you can't go wrong.
26/01/18 | Aimee
: 5/5

Great Purchase

So happy with these! I wasn't expecting a lot with them being so cheap, but they clean easily, look great and stay put! Would definitely recommend.
: 3/5

Nice cheap bowl, rubber trim is poor quality though

Nice bowl for the price but the rubber trim is of very poor quality and degrades very quickly.
: 5/5

Quality Bowl

This bowl is of very good quality considering the low price charged. Easily cleaned and seems comfortable for my kitten to eat out of. The non stick platform works well.
18/07/15 | Diana
: 5/5

Excellent bowl

I totally agree with all of the amazing reviews of this bowl. I just got 2 of them this past week for our two 14 3/4 years old Burmese cats. I give them clean bowls to eat from once (sometimes twice) a day. I always used to get ceramic bowls - as also dishwasher safe and hygienic. But we now have tile floors where the cats get fed so a few of the ceramic bowls have been broken. These bowls are the perfect size for our petite cats & they can't tip them over if they're in that sort of mood. Very nice, so I'm ordering two more!
10/07/14 | Emma
: 5/5

slip-proof cat dish

Bought 4 great value and quality.
: 5/5

great value

Smaller than some bowls but great value
19/10/13 | Bruiser
: 4/5

Does the job

Got 3 of them for the my little kitten as he is a little spoiled and like to have more than one choice of the food. but unfortunately if its a dry food it tends to be out of the bowl in the moment.
15/04/13 | Maria Cameron
: 5/5

Super for Water

For water this bowl is very good but my cats kept sending food over the top and out of the bowl so I wouldn't recommend it for food.
15/02/13 | Abby
: 5/5


These are great for the price, less than a pound each. Easy to clean, non-slip and a good size. Can't complain!
28/06/11 | Lou
: 5/5

good quality

nice bowl and should last a good long time. stays put on the lino.