Trixie Premio Liver Pâté

: 4/5
Yummy liver pâté for your dog in a handy tube - easy portioning without crumbs!...further information
Product description
Trixie Premio Liver Pâté
Trixie Premio Liver Pâté
Trixie Premio Liver Pâté
Trixie Premio Liver Pâté
Trixie Premio Liver Pâté
Trixie Premio Liver Pâté
£21.73 / kg

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Trixie Premio Liver Pâté

- 110g

£21.73 / kg

Tubidog Salmon Pâté

- 75g

£37.20 / kg

Product description

Yummy liver pâté for your dog in a handy tube - easy portioning without crumbs!

This yummy liver sausage is ideal for dog training or simply as a treat between meals. With lots of tasty liver and reduced spice content your dog will just love this snack! After feeding, simply close the tube, keeping the contents moist and fresh.

Rewarding your dog in the right way during training is an important aspect of any training success. This tasty snack will motivate your dog to carry out exercises and remember what he's learned. The hearty Premio Liver Sausage is easy to portion, without sticky fingers or annoying crumbs in the pocket - simply a clean solution.
The Trixie Premio Liver Pâté is not just great as a reward or treat. Medicine is much easier to administer in combination with this snack. Your dog won't have to swallow bitter pills but will love the bite of Sausage which hides the tablet!

Trixie Premio Liver Pâté at a glance:

  • Easy portioning and storage
  • Reduced salt and spice contents
  • No added sugar
  • With gelatine
  • Eases feeding medicine!
Trixie Premio Liver Pâté - the yummy, unique alternative for rewards and snacks. Your dog will love you for it!

Important information: Refrigerate once opened and use within a short period of time.

Please note: dog bones, treats and snacks are available in a range of types and sizes so make sure to choose one that is the appropriate size and shape for your pet. For their safety, please supervise your pets when they are enjoying a treat or bone.


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Meat and animal by-products [especially liver] (at least 27%), gelatine (0.1%), oils and fats, vegetables (spices), parsley (0.1%)

Analytical constituents

protein11.5 %
fat33.0 %
fibre0.7 %
ash1.5 %
moisture52.5 %


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Latest user reviews

21/07/23 | Jeanne
: 2/5

Tube is rubbish

Liver is fine but the tube is rubbish. Easily punctured and I didn’t realise it needed tube stored in fridge. Only bought it because the tubidog is out of stock
20/09/22 | DutchDove
: 5/5

Why constantly out of stock?

My dog loves this and it enables me to give her her vital epilepsy medication. I keep the paste in the fridge to keep the paste firm for hiding tablets in. I have an old fashioned metal tube squeezer which works perfectly. However after ordering this regularly for the last 3 years or so, it's suddenly becoming impossible to order from zooplus as it's always out of stock. Why?
30/12/20 | Nico
: 2/5

Tube Too Hard

To squeeze out, I had to cut the bottom off to get to it never again I will stick with Tubi Dog in future that is kinder on my Rheumatoid Arthritis.
13/12/20 | Alison
: 2/5

Apparently tasty but very hard to deliver

My dog loves anything with liver in it so I thought this would be ideal for training / rewards. Unfortunately once it's been in the fridge, it's almost impossible to squeeze out without a hard surface and something heavy to roll on the tube so no good for taking outside.
11/02/20 | Lucy
: 2/5

Stiff metal tube

I find the metal tube really hard to squeeze hard enough to actually get the stuff out! Especially as I keep this in the fridge to stay fresh. Once it’s out it seems like good liver paste but you need strong hands!
30/10/16 | Kerry Rhodes
: 5/5

Brilliant for training without getting fat

This treat is brilliant for reinforcing behaviours when training while avoiding loading your dog with too many calories. A tiny squeeze of the tube allows them to be rewarded with a taste but not stuffed with excess food. Keeps very well in the tube, doesnt waste by making crumbs and you can put it in your pocket without getting mess all over your hands or clothes. I teach canine 1st Aid and use it to reward my dogs on every course as they demonstrate the different behaviours I need.
31/03/15 | wendy j
: 5/5

Peace at last.

Just bathed my 3 small furbabies, then they go into a loonatic race around the house to get dry. I put them in their Onesies and get all 4 kongs filled with gravy bones, markies and this paste. Ive never seen them so entertained. My Ridgeback only surfaces for food and back to bed she goes, but tonight she`s throwing her Kong aboutwhich is also filled with goodies and this paste. Definitely getting more of this. Now i get to eat my tea in peace. :-)
19/11/14 | karin
: 5/5

Kong paste

Absolutely fab for putting in a KONG, I load mine up with this and a couple of kibble pieces to make it slightly more difficult to get out. Also lower calorie than cheese or peanut butter which some use in KONGs I have a fussy eater and she laps this up!
20/01/14 | Kate
: 5/5

Delicious! Well Vinnie thinks so anyway..

Our Boston Terrier absolutely loves this! We were very cautious when first feeding him it incase it upset his stomach but we've had no problems. He is a BIG fan.