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Cardboard Cat Furniture

Cat scratching furniture made from corrugated cardboard makes an attractive alternative to conventional cat trees and scratching posts for cats. Your cat will really enjoy playing hide and seek and scratching its claws inside a cardboard cat house.
Cardboard cat furniture is the new fashion for cats and their owners. The functionality of a scratch toy can now be tastefully combined with attractive design in an eco-friendly format. Browse this section for lovingly created pieces to fit your feline home.

Cardboard Cat Furniture:

zoolove Cat Home with Scratch Pad

3.99 3.99 GBP 1
50 x 26 x 36 cm (L x W x H)
Was  £5.49
Now  £3.99
(£3.99 / unit)
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Multi-Scratch Cardboard Scratching Pad

1.99 1.99 GBP 1
47 x 12 x 5 cm (L x W x H)
Was  £2.49
Now  £1.99
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XL Cat Den with Scratching Pad

5.99 5.99 GBP 1
58 x 36 x 41 cm (L x W x H)
Was  £8.99
Now  £5.99
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Wave Cat Scratching Pad

4.49 4.49 GBP 1
50 x 20 x 8 cm (L x W x H)
Was  £5.99
Now  £4.49
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Scratch and Play Cardboard Cat Furniture

4.99 4.99 GBP 1
45.5 x 24 x 9.3 cm (L x W x H)
Was  £6.49
Now  £4.99
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Fun Cardboard Cheese Wedge Scratch Block

4.99 4.99 GBP 1
43.5 x 19 x 5-12.5 cm (L x W x H)
Was  £6.49
Now  £4.99
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Relax Scratch Bed

9.99 9.99 GBP 1
Diameter 39 x H 14.5 cm
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zoolove 2-in-1 Scratch Furniture

8.99 8.99 GBP 1
50 x 21 x 20 cm (L x W x H)
Was  £11.99
Now  £8.99
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Cosma Cat Scratching Pad

6.99 6.99 GBP 1
50 x 24 x 12 cm (L x W x H)
Was  £8.99
Now  £6.99
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Cardboard Cat Furniture

You may have heard people raving about the benefits of cardboard cat furniture, and the plethora of positive ways in which it has affected their life, and that of their cats. Here at zooplus, we offer a range of cat toys, so whether you are looking for a cardboard cat scratcher or a cardboard relaxing scratch bed, we have something for every need!

What’s so great about cat accessories made of cardboard?

  • A cardboard cat scratcher provides a great distraction from clawing your furniture and fittings! Many cat households suffer from scratched upholstery and ruined furnishings, so offering your cat an enticing alternative is a great way to keep your home looking great.
  • Cardboard cat houses make a great hideaway, offering the dual fun of a relaxing getaway and a scratching pad.
  • Scratch mats and pads make functional alternatives to conventional cat trees, offering greater scratching opportunities and great if your cat is prone to destroying things fairly quickly!
  • Attractive designs at a low price - what’s not to love? You have all the benefits of a cat tree or scratching post without the high expense, especially useful if you don’t expect the toy to last long anyway or like to regularly replace your cat’s toys to keep it interested.
  • Long-lasting, eco-friendly cardboard construction that offers fun and enjoyment as well as harmony with nature. Many of these cardboard cat scratcher toys can simply be recycled once they are no longer usable, although they will put up a real fight against your cat’s claws!
  • Durable scratching surfaces, often with catnip included, which can encourage your cat even more to play with its toys instead of your furniture!
  • As these cardboard cat toys are generally fairly light, they are very transportable. This means that you can move the scratch pad around the house to wherever you want it to be or - more importantly - wherever you want your cat to be! They can even be taken with you on holiday, so that holiday furniture is also protected against your cat!

Other useful ideas:

  • Scratching problem: If your cat scratches your furniture, upholstery or carpet, using citrus/menthol scents or oils can help keep them away from those surfaces. If you also have a cardboard cat scratcher, then your cat is much more likely to choose this as an appealing place to sharpen its claws, keeping your leather sofa safe from harm! A cardboard cat scratcher can easily be moved around the house to the ideal spot, so that the problem of your cat destroying your furniture will quickly become a thing of the past.
  • Attract your cat: You can rub catnip into the cardboard scratching board. The nepetalactone in catnip (a sort of mint) has been shown to produce a positive effect in more than half of all cats, inducing them to sniff, and sometimes lick or chew.
    Note: it has the opposite effect in kittens, repelling them. Many of the cardboard cat scratchers and houses available at zooplus come with catnip included, so you can easily tempt your cat to move over to the cardboard furnishings and mark its territory there with its scratches, rather than claiming your carpet as its own.
  • Play time: Attach a small object to the cardboard cat house for your cat to play with, such as a dangler! Many of the cardboard cat toys are also extremely fun on their own, in witty cheese shapes or house designs, and some come with added fun such as balls or bells. No matter how you choose to accessorise your cat’s scratch pad, it is bound to soon become a firm favourite!
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