Wave Cat Scratching Pad

50 x 20 x 8 cm (L x W x H)
: 5/5
A scratch pad is a great addition to your cat tree. Your cat will love to scratch or lie on this delightful wave form. It is made from robust corrugated cardboard, and includes a little bag of catnip....further information
Product description
Wave Cat Scratching Pad
Wave Cat Scratching Pad
Wave Cat Scratching Pad
Wave Cat Scratching Pad
Wave Cat Scratching Pad
Wave Cat Scratching Pad
Wave Cat Scratching Pad
Wave Cat Scratching Pad
Wave Cat Scratching Pad
Wave Cat Scratching Pad
50 x 20 x 8 cm (L x W x H)280459.1

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Product description

A scratch pad is a great addition to your cat tree. Your cat will love to scratch or lie on this delightful wave form. It is made from robust corrugated cardboard, and includes a little bag of catnip.

Give your cat this lovely piece of furniture and it won’t need to scratch at yours anymore. The Wave scratching pad is a clever addition to the traditional cat tree and a great place to scratch and sharpen claws. But not just that, it is also a very comfortable place to relax and chill out.

The Wave is made from corrugated cardboard and printed on both sides with a discreet but elegant grey and white pattern. Your cat will love to scratch and sharpen its claws on the Wave but it is made from tough material which can withstand mad scratch attacks. Also included is a packet of catnip, which you can scatter over the Wave, to make it completely and utterly irresistible to your cat!

Scratch pads made from corrugated cardboard are very durable because your cat only scratches the surface. And when the furniture looks a bit worn, simply flip it over and use the other side. This way you get twice as much value and your cat gets twice as much fun.
When the Wave looks very worn, you can simply dispose of it along with your other household recycling rubbish!

The Wave Cat Scratching Pad at a glance:

  • Size: 49 x 20 x 7.5 cm (L x W x H)
  • Material: corrugated cardboard
    • Light
    • Strong
    • Durable
  • Perfect addition to traditional cat trees
  • With Catnip
  • Environmentally friendly disposal
  • Printed on both sides

Please note: This product is intended for indoor use only.


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Latest user reviews

16/05/23 | Alice
: 3/5

I feel these are very flimsy and do not come with a box

So the moment You put catnip on it, it will be all over Your floor. Thought it would keep it in it, but no. The size is OK, but I saw cheaper B&M scratches that were a lot better.
09/11/22 | Aimee
: 5/5

New favourite

My bsh kitten just came home at 13 weeks old he has 2 cardboard scratchers in the living room, this one and a box one and I can say by far this is his favourite one to scratch
: 5/5

Murphy loves it :)

Fantastic buy, even if it does make a bit of mess & Murphy even prefers it to the hall wallpaper
12/03/21 | Talia Cohen
: 3/5

Cats love but the mess!

My cats adore this, so much so that they have ripped it to shreds. I have to hoover it up constantly it's driving me mad. I'm glad they like it but I, personally, do not.
19/02/21 | Nina
: 5/5

Carpet Saviour

My cat had developed a bad habit of scratching my stair carpet, and wasn't interested in his scratching posts. Based on the reviews I thought i'd give this a go, and wow...he is obsessed with it (even without catnip). He no longer scratches the carpet as he prefers this. It won't last forever (maybe 6 months with fairly vigorous daily use) but at this price it's not a problem to replace it, and bear in mind you can turn it over once they've destroyed one side! Also great that it's recyclable.
: 1/5

Catnip falls straight through

Doesn't come with a tray like other carboard scratching so the sachet of catnip just goes straight through onto the carpet. My cats moved the pad out of the way to find the catnip on the carpet and never touched the scratching pad again.
26/01/21 | Lucie Palmer
: 5/5

Cat's favourite

Maybe less durable than some other scratch pads, but this one is definitely my cat's favourite, and we've tried lots of different ones. I hope it's back in stock soon.
17/12/20 | Stephanie James
: 5/5

The best

This is hands down the best cat scratcher I have ever purchased (and I've purchased a few!). My two absolutely love it and even sit on it when not scratching at it. Mish took some time to take to it initially but since she has she loves it, no more scratching furniture! Juno took to it straight away.
02/12/20 | Tucker
: 5/5

All Good!!

My boy can't get enough of this. Uses it to stretch and scratch wen he wakes up 💙
18/11/20 | Rachel Barclay
: 3/5

Good but chewable

So my cats loved this and used it straight away but then started to eat it practically 🙈😂 . So its now getting shorter and shorter . Liked it but maybe could be more durable
10/11/20 | Nadea
: 5/5

Buy this!

my kittens love it. they use it all the time. they not only like to scratch it but may on it. I'll need to buy another one as they getting too big to both lye down together. brilliant product
: 5/5


My cat absolutely loves these scratching posts and she loves to lay on them, but I’ve always only been able to find the smaller ones. This one is the perfect size she loves it and can lay on it much more comfortably!
15/10/20 | Poon
: 5/5

Kitten loves it

Initially had this leaning upwards against the couch and it wasn't used at all. Since laying it flat our kitten loves it. He's already going to this instead of scratching the underside of the couch.
29/09/20 | Emma
: 5/5

Great for all cats

It’s great quality and perfect for the cat’s they all love it
27/09/20 | Eileen
: 5/5

Favourite toy

My cats just love this and will happily demonstrate to any one!! We have had many of these and they never tire of scratching on them.
13/09/20 | Juliet Knight
: 5/5

Work well for at least one of cats

We have 2 house cats, one was rescued at the beginning of lockdown. Our first cat rarely uses any kind of scratching post or mat... But the new cat has taken to these very well... She even likes to lie on it 😁. They won't last forever but I plan to buy one with each order.
08/08/20 | Sara
: 5/5

3 happy amigos

My cats love this scratching pad. Best place to hangout, to sleep and, of course, to expose their need to destroy:) The best s-pad I bought in years. Totally would recommend and buy again and again!
01/08/20 | Mrs Slaney
: 5/5

A Bob's best friend

I usually buy this whenever it's on sale because my cat Bob ADORES it. I never get a chance to use the catnip because as soon as the wrappers off, he's immediately on it scratching. It's a great design as he can use his weight to counterbalance his stretch & scratch. It's been 3 years of these now and I just have to hope these keep being stocked forever because they're great.
: 5/5

My cat love it!

As soon as I put it my cat stopped scratching the carpet and use the board non stop! Best thing I bought for her in long time
24/02/20 | Bambino
: 5/5

Carpet and furniture savers!

My two cats immediately took to these for scratching and sleeping on and have not scratched my sofas or carpets since, so that is fantastic. However, they are very small and one by itself is really only kitten-sized. I have since purchased them in twos and threes and connected them edge to edge with double-sided tape, making the ultimate roomy scratcher at a fraction of the cost of the large, expensive ones. I use them on carpet, but for wood floors they may need a small rug, or blu-tac?