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Ceiling Cat Trees: Height 200+ cm

A cat tree with ceiling attachment has the advantage of being individually adjustable and that it reaches the ceiling. By connecting to the ceiling it gains stability and reaches exciting heights for cats. Here you'll find a great selection of these cat trees.
Please note: As a safety measure, we recommend the purchase of the wall bracket to secure any cat tree. This supports and prevents the accidental tipping of the cat tree. Please click here for further information: Cat Tree Wall Bracket
    1 products
    1 products

    A ceiling-high plush-covered cat tree with ceiling attachment, sleeping den, lots of climbing platforms and 2 XXL hammocks; ideal for multi-cat households.

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    Ceiling Scratching Trees

    For the high-flying feline!

    A cat scratching tree or cat scratch post is an essential part of keeping your cat happy and your home feline friendly. A ceiling cat tree is a great option for those that really love the climb, whilst a cat scratching post is also great for satisfying your cat’s scratching needs, sharpening claws and helping to stop your cat from scratching unwanted areas such as furniture, carpets or curtains.
    Here at zooplus we offer a great range of ceiling cat trees and tall cat trees, which can be fastened to the ceiling for added stability.

    Browse the full range of Ceiling Cat Trees here at zooplus:

    Just because your cat lives indoors doesn’t mean it would not love to climb high into the treetops!
    Here at zooplus we offer a range of ceiling cat trees that let your cat experience the joy of outdoor climbing right inside their home!

    • Tall: naturally the key advantage of ceiling cat trees is that they are extremely tall, allowing your cat to climb high and enjoy watching the world go by around it. They can also help with satisfying your cat’s natural instincts, as well as being fun to play on.
    • Claws: climbing a ceiling cat tree can be beneficial to your cat’s claws, helping to sharpen them as well as satisfying natural scratching instincts that can otherwise be taken out on furniture or carpets! This range of cat trees includes sisal posts that are ideal for naturally keeping claws in good condition and many feature a variety of poles for excitement.
    • Spacious: these large ceiling cat trees can be a great option for multi-cat households, as they provide plenty of space and allow each cat to have its own territory. There are also dens incorporated into many of the trees, allowing your cat to hide away from the world in its own safe haven!
    • Space-saving: if the tree is going upwards, there is less of it to come outwards! This can be a godsend in smaller homes, as the ceiling cat tree can be slotted into a corner rather than taking up the majority of a room.

    You can also combine your cat tree with exciting scents such as Feliway FeliScratch, to help save your furniture!
    Here at zooplus we offer a a great range of ceiling cat trees to satisfy every need.

    Look no further than our zooplus Cat Shop to find the perfect cat litter boxes & litter trays to meet your feline’s toilet needs alongside its climbing needs!

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