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Kitten Cat Trees & Posts

If you have a new kitten in your life, a kitten scratching post or cat tree is the perfect way to protect your furniture and carpets from kitten claws, and they give your little darling a new place to explore.

Height up to 60 cm:

Natural Home I Cat Tree

31.99 31.99 GBP 1
Was  £39.99
Now  £31.99
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zoolove Play 'n Scratch Post

8.99 8.99 GBP 1
Was  £11.99
Now  £8.99
Carry on saving

Trixie Cat Bed for Shelves with Scratching Board

18.99 18.99 GBP 1
33 x 37 x 48 cm (L x W x H)
Was  £24.99
Now  £18.99
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Finny Cat Scratching Post

7.99 7.99 GBP 1
Blue / Pink
Was  £9.99
Now  £7.99
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Enio Cat Tree

7.99 7.99 GBP 1
Dark Grey
Was  £9.99
Now  £7.99
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Simon's Cat Scratching Post

14.99 14.99 GBP 1
Grey / Green
Was  £16.99
Now  £14.99
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Height up to 80 cm:

Natural Paradise Cat Tree - Mini

72.99 72.99 GBP 1
Was  £89.99
Now  £72.99
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Olga Cat Scratching Post

13.99 13.99 GBP 1
Was  £18.99
Now  £13.99
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Oasis Cat Tree

24.99 24.99 GBP 1
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Planet Scratch Post

39.99 39.99 GBP 1
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Height 80 cm +:

Penelope Cat Tree

39.99 39.99 GBP 2
Was  £41.99
Now  £39.99
Carry on saving
Dark Grey
Was  £41.99
Now  £39.99
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Coco Palm Cat Scratching Post

19.99 19.99 GBP 1
Brown / Cream
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Karlie Banana Leaf Little Den Scratching Post

74.99 74.99 GBP 1
Natural Beige
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Kitten Scratching Posts

To help little paws with scratching, stretching and sharpening claws!

A great way to welcome your new furry friend into its forever home is to offer a great range of enticing and exciting toys and games. A kitten scratching post can be perfect, as it offers a range of new experiences for your young cat, including climbing, scratching, stretching, snoozing and sharpening claws! Teach your kitten early on that toys and trees are the places to scratch, rather than your furniture, curtains or carpets.

No matter whether your cat is small or large, long haired or short haired, it will adore a kitten scratching post. Here at zooplus we offer a range of sizes and styles, so you can be sure to find the perfect kitten scratching post for your new arrival. Choose from a selection of materials, including sisal, water hyacinth and solid wood, all of which combine to create beautiful toys that your cat will adore and that will add a touch of class and style to your home. There are also quirkier, more fun designs in bright colours or unique styles, including unusual banana leaf and even tropical palm trees!

Take a look at the full selection of Kitten Scratching Posts available here at zooplus to find the perfect addition for the new addition to your home!

  • Height up to 60cm: these toys are brilliant fun, without taking up huge amounts of space. As they are so much smaller than many cat trees, this could be the perfect style for your kitten scratching post, as it is ideal for smaller paws. Choose from stand alone scratching posts or those combined with comfy cushioned beds, as well as some with integrated dangling balls to really stimulate your cat’s play instincts!
  • Height up to 80cm: slightly larger, these kitten scratching posts are still wonderfully compact and can fit easily into any home. There are both barrels and trees to choose from, great for hiding, climbing and observing the world and complete with cosy dens, plush and sisal.
  • Height 80cm+: the taller the tree, the more options for your kitten to have fun! These tall trees feature dens and posts for playing, sleeping and climbing, as well as offering novelty trees such as tropical play areas and banana leaf dens. Many of these taller trees feature dangling plush balls and toys for your cat to leap for and chase after. Perfect for adding extra fun to sharpening claws and welcoming your kitten to its new home and family!
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