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Here at zooplus we offer a great range of dog flaps and dog doors, which can be a life saver in a busy canine household! We have a great range of small and large dog doors and dog flaps, so that no matter your dog's size or breed it can easily let itself in and out, for access to the garden even when you are away from home or out at work.
Choose from a great range of dog doors and dog flaps, with plenty of options including dual way opening, microchip options to keep out unwanted visitors, and insulated dog flaps that ensure heat and cold don't pass through but your pet always has the option to.
Dog doors and dog flaps are a great way to ensure freedom for your dog and peace of mind for you. Now, if you could just get your dog to wipe its paws...
3 products
3 products

Large microchip pet door for large cats or small dogs. Can be programmed to lock/unlock at specified times and can also be used with a collar tag. Entry dimensions: 18 x 17 cm (W x H).

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White Pet Door
RRP* £119.99Our Price£107.99
Adaptor for Installation in Windows (White)
RRP* £15.99Our Price£14.99
Tunnel Extension (White)
RRP* £7.99Our Price£6.99

Microchip-controlled pet door for cats and dogs, 4-way locking system, controlled by an app on your phone, suitable for all doors, windows and walls. Dimensions 17.8 x 17cm (W x H)

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Set: Door + Hub

Cat flap specially designed for large cats and small dogs up to 36cm in shoulder height, with 4-way locking and ideal for all types of doors and walls. Add security and freedom to your home!

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Brown Cat Flap
Was £21.99Now£18.99

Dog Flaps & Dog Doors

Provide your dog with the freedom to choose between the great outdoors and the cosy indoors!

With our wide selection of dog flaps, being cooped up indoors can become a thing of the past for your dog. We all know that there are times when dogs will need to be left home alone, whether that be during working hours or a trip to the supermarket. Now with our great range of dog flaps and dog doors, you no longer have to worry about your dog being stuck inside. Gone also are the days of standing in the garden begging your dog to go to the toilet before you shut them inside! With a dog flap or dog door your dog can choose for itself when it needs to go outside, giving you peace of mind no matter where you are.
Here at zooplus we offer a great range of pet doors, including extreme weather options that ensure you can leave the dog flap accessible come rain or shine without worrying about draughts or damp coming into your home. We also have microchip dog flap options, to keep unwanted visitors at bay whilst still offering your dog plenty of freedom. Two-way dog doors allow your dog to come inside and go out without needing you there.
We also offer dog flaps and dog doors in a great range of different sizes, so no matter your dog’s breed or size, we have the solution for you. Some cat flaps and cat doors can also be a great option if you have a smaller dog, with 4-way locking for added security when you are out and about.

A few key points to look out for when purchasing a dog flap or dog door:

  • Size: If possible, measure your dog's height from paw to shoulder and the width of their body to get an idea for how big the dog flap needs to be. Some small dogs can also use a large cat flap.
  • Security: Standard dog flaps allow all pets access, however there are also microchip pet doors and magnetic dog flaps available so that only specific pets can get in and out.
  • Insulation: Most dog flaps close securely so that they keep your home draught and weather-proof.
  • Installation: We stock a variety of pet doors that can be fitted into standard doors. There are also dog doors that can be fitted into glass doors or walls.

Take a look at the great range of dog flaps and dog kennels available here at zooplus:
  • Medium/Large Dog Flaps: with everything from simple 2-way locking dog doors to extreme weather options, there is something for every size of dog. These medium and large dog flaps and dog doors are perfect for dogs all the way up to 45kg. Some also have tunnel extension options, which are great if you have particularly thick doors or walls.
  • Small Dog Flaps: if you’re a fan of the smaller breed, then these small dog flaps and dog doors are a great option. Some larger cat flaps can also be ideal, allowing your small breed dog freedom and access whenever it needs it.

Take a look at other dog kennels and dog flaps available in our dog category here at zooplus!

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