Dog Kennel Insulation

Insulating your dog kennel or dog cabin will protect your dog from the colder winter months. Dog kennel insulation can make a real difference for your dog during these weather conditions, allowing your beloved canine to feel more comfortable in its kennel or cabin.
Here at zooplus, we offer insulation for dog kennels and sets that combine a kennel with insulation. You can also get an insulated dog kennel, which is a great way to ensure your dog is warm and cosy all year round. Insulated dog kennels offer your dog comfort and you peace of mind, as you can be sure your four-legged friend is happy and relaxed even if it lives in an outdoor kennel.
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    1 products

    A durable, water resistant cushion, ideal for use in dog carriers, kennels or in the car. Made from tear-proof material, sturdy, long-lasting and washable.

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    Jolly 85: 83 x 50 x 3 cm (L x W x H)
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    Jolly 100: 98 x 65 x 3 cm (L x W x H)
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    Dog Kennel Insulation

    Keep your dog cosy and warm all year round!

    A wooden or plastic dog kennel can make a great home for your dog, providing it with its own personal space and ensuring it is protected from the elements all year round. However, during the winter it may get a little bit cold outside, and the last thing we want is a chilly dog! Insulating your dog’s kennel or home is a great way to prevent your dog suffering during the colder months, adding comfort and cosiness to its beloved home.
    Insulating your dog kennel will also offer you peace of mind, knowing that your dog is warm and protected.
    Here at zooplus we offer insulation kits that can simply be inserted into your dog’s kennel, available in a range of styles and sizes to meet your every need. Flat-pack, easy-assembly insulation can be simply fitted into a dog kennel, with velcro to fasten it in and ensure all-round warmth. If you are looking for something smaller but equally practical, we offer insulation mats and plastic door flaps, which keep your dog warm and prevent draughts, cold and damp from creeping in.
    No matter what it is you are looking for, here at zooplus we have the perfect dog kennel insulation to keep your dog cosy and warm!

    Browse the full selection of dog kennel insulation available at zooplus!

    • Complete dog kennel + insulation sets: if you’re looking for the complete dog kennel insulation package, then look no further than our combined sets. You can choose from pitched roof and flat roof kennels, combined with insulation that offers optimum protection against cold and damp, and is designed to fit perfectly into the kennel. No matter your dog’s size, there is a dog kennel insulation set that will suit your needs. These are great options for welcoming a new dog into the household, as you can get everything you need at once and ensure the perfect fit - and all for a great bundle price!
    • Dog kennel insulation: if you already have your dog’s perfect kennel and are just looking for a way to keep it warm, then we also offer individual dog kennel insulation. As with the sets, this dog kennel insulation comes in a range of sizes and shapes, so you can be sure of optimum protection. Fastenings ensure the insulation doesn’t slip around, even if your dog likes to turn a few circles before it finds a comfy place to sleep!
    • Insulation cushions: if a full dog kennel insulation kit isn’t what you’re looking for, then look no further than the dog kennel insulation cushions available here at zooplus. Ideal for use in kennels or even out and about, in dog carriers or cars, insulation cushions are tear-proof, sturdy and long-lasting, and can be washed whenever they get grubby. Perfect for on the move!

    Browse the full selection of dog kennels and flaps available here at zooplus!

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