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Dog Gates

Sometimes your dog needs to be kept in or out of certain areas, and a dog gate from zooplus can be the perfect solution!
Here at zooplus we stock a great range of sizes and styles, with a dog barrier or dog gate for every occasion. These dog gates are ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, whether you need it to keep the dog out of the newly-carpeted living room or out of the BBQ area in the garden!
Choose from mesh or more solid dog barriers, depending on your needs, with extensions available for larger spaces and easy to assemble. Never again will you have to worry about your dog being in places it shouldn't be, with a dog gate from zooplus!

Dog Gates:

Savic Outdoor Dog Gate

44.99 44.99 GBP 1
95 x 84 -152 cm (L x W)
Was  £54.99
Now  £44.99
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Savic Dog Barrier 2

34.99 34.99 GBP 1
Size 1: 75cm High, 75 - 84cm Wide
Was  £44.99
Now  £34.99
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Savic Dog Barrier 2 with Cat Door

39.99 39.99 GBP 1
Height 107cm, Width 75 -84cm
Was  £49.99
Now  £39.99
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Trixie Mesh Dog Barrier

29.99 29.99 GBP 1
65-108 x 50 cm (L x H)
RRP*  £44.99
Our Price  £29.99
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Dog Gates

Ensure your dog is always exactly where it should be with this great range of dog gates from zooplus!

A dog gate is the ideal way to separate areas of your home, keeping your dog away from new furniture or landscaped garden areas without keeping it enclosed. Dog gates are perfect, as they keep areas sectioned off without taking away the view! A dog gate can also be perfect for keeping your dog in the garden rather than straying out into the road, as it can keep an eye on what’s going on without causing itself danger - all dog owners know that your dog’s safety and security is of utmost importance!
Here at zooplus we offer a great range of dog gates, with some made from mesh and others from sturdier, more solid material that is particularly suited to outdoor use, some even with a weatherproof coating. They also come in a great range of sizes to fit all areas - some even include a cat door, which is ideal if you have felines as well and want to allow them access into canine-free areas!
The dog gates and dog barriers from zooplus are easy to assemble and meet every need, great for both indoor and outdoor use and the perfect way to keep your dog in its rightful place and your house in great condition!

Browse the full collection of dog gates available here at zooplus:

  • Outdoor dog gates: these are a great way to provide a solid barrier between gardens and patios, treated with special weather-proof coating and ideal for use outdoors. They can also be used indoors, easy to assemble and screwed tightly into place so that your dog will only get through if you want it to!
  • Indoor dog gates: whether you want to keep your dog out of the kitchen or away from new sofas, an indoor dog gate is the perfect solution, easy to assemble and with integrated two-way access. They are also available with extensions, to ensure these dog barriers can fit in every gap. Here at zooplus we also offer mesh barriers that can fit perfectly across stairways, great for if you are welcoming a new puppy into your home!
  • Multi-pet gates: in a multi-pet household, there will always be territory battles! Make these a thing of the past with a great dog barrier or dog gate - we offer large barriers that have built-in smaller doors that are perfect for letting small dogs, puppies or cats through without your larger canine companies joining the crowd!

Take a look at other dog kennels and dog flaps available in our dog category here at zooplus!

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