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Long Dog Leads for Gardens

Does your dog like to run wild when out for a walk or in the garden? Keep your pet safe and stop it escaping from the garden with long leads & a ground spike, plus many more great products from zooplus!
Long dog leads are also ideal if you have friends or visitors and will be spending time in the garden, as your dog can join you and enjoy a run around the garden without getting a little too friendly with the BBQ!
When out on walks, we all know that dogs can become a little cloth-eared when something takes their fancy, so a long dog lead can save you the trouble of chasing your canine around for hours, without limiting enjoyment or keeping your dog permanently on the short lead!
    4 products
    4 products

    Long Dog Leads

    A long, garden dog lead with a suspension coil.

    Delivery in 1-3 working days
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    RRP* £11.99 Our Price£5.99
    Trixie Dog Lead Anchor

    This corkscrew-shaped ground peg is a great way to secure your dog’s lead; suitable for use in the garden, or out and about.

    Delivery in 1-3 working days
    1 Varieties from
    Ground Spike
    RRP* £4.99 Our Price£3.49

    The dog training leash is optimal for obedience training and control during walks or exercises. The long lead is also ideal for training with little light due to the orange colour.

    Delivery in 1-3 working days
    2 Varieties from
    Was £7.49 Now£6.49
    Was £14.49 Now£11.99

    Long line for dogs, waterproof and antibacterial and ideal in any weather conditions, durable and tear-resistant, with a leather-like structure and made from Biothane®.

    Delivery in 1-3 working days
    2 Varieties from
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    Was £17.99 Now£14.99
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    Was £29.99 Now£24.99
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    Long Dog Leads for Gardens

    To offer your dog freedom and security

    Dogs adore running round gardens and racing round open fields whilst out on walks, but sometimes they can go a little too wild! This is when a long dog lead can be the ideal solution, helping to keep your dog within a certain distance without taking away all of its freedom. Within your garden, it helps to keep your dog safe and prevent it straying outside onto busy roads or getting lost, and can also be great if you want to keep your dog away from a garden party - especially when a BBQ is involved! A long dog lead can be combined with our anchor pegs, which go into the ground as a spike to attach the lead to.
    Long dog leads can also be ideal on walks, if your dog tends to become a little cloth-eared and difficult to recall. Here at zooplus we even offer long dog leads in bright, fluorescent colours, which improve visibility and also make it safer, as people are less likely to trip over the easily-visible line!
    Long dog leads are also the perfect choice when training your puppy or new dog, great for improving obedience training and control during walks or exercise.

    Explore the great range of long dog leads available here at zooplus:

    • Long leads: these are ideal for keeping that added bit of control over your dog. We offer easily visible versions and also specialised garden versions for attaching to spikes, with suspension coils to ensure your dog does not get injured whilst attached to it. As well as for use in the garden, these long tracking dog leads can be great for when training your young dog to return during walks and allow that added bit of freedom for dogs that are unwilling to return once let off the lead!
    • Anchor: corkscrew-shaped pegs are simple yet effective, easily screwed into the grass and making it easy to secure your dog. These can be great if you are having parties in the garden, or simply if your garden contains unsafe areas for dogs or has gaps that can easily passed through into the outside world!

    Browse the complete range of dog kennels and dog flaps available in our dog category here at zooplus!

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