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Spike Comfort Dog Kennel

Product description

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Product description

Robust, waterproof pitched-roof dog kennel made from lacquered pinewood and asphalt-roofing with a tile design. It is height-adjustable and easy to assemble with a slatted plastic door.
This pitched-roof Spike Comfort Dog Kennel with green roof and protective plastic slatted door has everything a four-season dog kennel needs. The individual sections are made from pinewood treated with a water-based wood lacquer and offer weather-protective properties.

The wide roof overhang and transparent slatted door help to protect your dog from rain, wind and cold. It also has an asphalt roof coating in tile design that helps ensure it is waterproof. The rotating plastic caps and wooden feet protect the kennel from long-term effects of moisture, individually height-adjustable to ensure ground clearance. This helps to level the Spike Comfort Dog Kennel out on uneven ground and ensures stability. It also helps to keep air circulating well through the kennel, protecting against cold floors and wet ground.

And an additional plus: the kennel is easy to clean and assembles with only a few screws.

All you need to assemble this kennel is a screwdriver!

Spike Comfort Dog Kennel at a glance:

  • Dog kennel with pitched roof, ideal for all breeds
  • With slatted door: prevents a draught coming through the kennel, protecting your dog from inclement weather
  • Lacquered wood: non-toxic water-based lacquer to protect each section from weather
  • Waterproof pitched roof: with sanded roof paper in tile design
  • Wide roof overhang: protects the outside of the kennel and the entrance
  • Easy to assemble: pre-assembled side- and roof-sections that can be put together with simply a few screws
  • Feet with height-adjustable plastic caps: offering stability and optimum protection against wet floors and moisture
  • Ground clearance: for good dry air circulation and protection against cold ground
  • Material:
    • ​​​​​​​Wood: pinewood (treated)
    • Roof: asphalt
    • Door: plastic slats
  • Colour:
    • ​​​​​​​Wood: brown
    • Roof: green
    • Door: transparent

Attention: Your dog kennel should not be so big that your his/her own body heat is insufficient to maintain an acceptable temperature in the kennel at all times. In too large of a kennel, your dog may risk freezing.
Tip: Lay a blanket on the floor of the kennel to make your dog feel comfortable.

Specifications in cm:

  S M L XL
Exterior Measure:
L x W x H (Peak)
76 x 72 x 76 cm 88 x 78 x 81 cm 101 x 84 x 86.5 cm 112 x 96 x 105 cm
Interior Measure:
L x W x H (middle/sides)
57 x 56 x 60.5 / 31.8 cm 62 x 68 x 66.1 / 34.6 cm 66 x 81 x 71.4 / 38 cm 75 x 88 x 88.8 / 51.3 cm
Ground Clearance: variable due to height-adjustable feet variable due to height-adjustable feet variable due to height-adjustable feet variable due to height-adjustable feet
Wall thickness: 1 cm 1 cm 1 cm 1 cm
Roof Overhang:
Entrance / Side / Rear
11 / 5.5 / 4 cm 11 / 7 / 4 cm 11 / 7 / 4 cm 15.5 / 8.5 / 4 cm
(WxH) (Centre / Outer)
24 x 34.5 / 31 cm 31.5 x 41 / 35.5 cm 33 x 42 / 36 cm 38 x 55.5 / 49.5 cm

Specifications in inches:

  S M L XL
Exterior Measure:
L x W x H (Peak)
30in x 28.3in x 30in 34.6in x 30.7in x 32in 40in x 33.1in x 34.1in 44.1in x 37.8in x 41.3in
Interior Measure:
L x W x H (middle/sides)
22.4in x 22in x 23.8 / 12.5in 24.4in x 26.8in x 26 / 13.6in 26in x 31.8in x 28.1 / 15in 29.5in x 34.6in x 35 / 20.1in
Ground Clearance: variable due to height-adjustable feet variable due to height-adjustable feet variable due to height-adjustable feet variable due to height-adjustable feet
Wall thickness: 0.39in 0.39in 0.39in 0.39in
Roof Overhang:
Entrance / Side / Rear
4.3in / 2.2in / 1.6in 4.3in / 2.8in / 1.6in 4.3in / 2.8in / 1.6in 6.1in / 3.3in / 1.6in
(WxH) (Centre / Outer)
9.4in x 13.6in / 12.2in 12.4in x 16.1in / 14in 13in x 16.5in / 14.2in 15in x 22in / 19.5in
E.g. for: Dachshund, Jack Russell Terrier Beagle, Cocker Spaniel Collie Dalmatian, Labrador Retriever

Please note: Without treatment, timber may dry out and become brittle, warped or shabby. Please ensure your pet home is regularly cleaned and treated. We recommend treating dens and houses which will be used outside with wood care and impregnating products. Always make sure products used are suitable and harmless for pets. Placing the pet home in a sheltered spot will also help to reduce wear.

Please note: This product cannot be delivered to Switzerland.


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