For 40 years, Ferplast has been an undisputed international leader in the pet supplies sector. High-quality products built on commitment, ideas and innovative design. Bird cages, dog crates, cat litter boxes, and small pet cages for you.

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Keeping your pet comfy for the past 40 years.

Ferplast is a leader in pet supplies, offering premium quality products that every pet will love and that will meet every need as a pet owner. Each product has been specially designed to offer practical, innovative options, including products for dogs, cats and small pets. For years, it has been meeting the needs of every pet and its owner!
Whether you are looking for a ferret cage, a cat litter box or a dog kennel, here at zooplus we have a premium Ferplast product that will meet your exact needs, with every accessory you need to make your pet comfortable and happy in every situation.

Browse the full range of quality Ferplast products here at zooplus:

We offer everything from cat flaps to dog crates, all top quality and designed to make life easier and happier for both pets and owners.
The Ferplast range is perfect if you are looking for premium products at affordable prices.

  • Ferplast for Dogs: the Ferplast range includes premium quality kennels and crates to ensure your dog has a place to call home both inside and outdoors. Dog crates can also be particularly handy when travelling or on the move, helping your pet feel secure wherever you are. Ferplast also offer dog bowls and food bins, helping to keep your pet’s food ready to eat! We also provide toys and accessories such as harnesses and dog beds, for all-round comfort and happiness!
  • Ferplast for Cats: the Ferplast for cats range focuses on practicality for both cats and owners, with litter boxes and cat flaps to keep your house clean and provide your cat with added freedom whilst keeping your home safe.
  • Ferplast for Small Pets: there are plenty of Ferplast products for small pets as well, including bird bathes and a broad range of cages. This includes options for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and birds, in a range of sizes and styles and made from various different practical materials.

No matter what you are looking for, Ferplast offers a great range of handy accessories.
Ferplast creates products for dogs, cats and small pets.

Browse the full range of Top Brands available here at zooplus, to find the perfect nutritious solution for your pet!