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Yarrah Organic

Yarrah Organic Yarrah pet food is a premium organic diet suitable for any dog or cat irrespective of its age or breed. The use of organic ingredients avoids the development of food allergies and problems with the digestive organs. With the exception of snacks for dogs, all Yarrah products are complete meals. This means Yarrah food products contain all the required vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in the correct proportions.

Here are just a few of our featured Yarrah products:


Yarrah Organic Pet Food

Premium organic pet food

Introduce your pet to an entirely organic diet, designed to benefit your pet as well as the environment. As its name suggests Yarrah Organic only uses organic ingredients with no added chemicals or artificial additives. Going organic is not only better for your pet, but also better for all animals. Everything that goes into Yarrah pet food is 100% certified organic, even the poultry and cattle that is processed is fed an organic diet.
All Yarrah Organic pet food is made according to strict guidelines to ensure it is 100% organic:
No chemical antioxidants
No artificial preservatives – it’s preserved using only vitamins and minerals
No artificial colourings, flavourings or aromas
No added refined sugars
No genetically-modified ingredients
Not tested on animals

Our range of Yarrah Organic pet food at zooplus:

This bio-organic pet food is designed to suit the individual needs of your pet, whatever their age, dietary requirements or size. Some varieties of pet food are even suitable for multiple types of dog, from small breeds to pregnant or nursing dogs.
With a balanced amount of essential nutrients Yarrah Organic can help your pet live a happy, natural and healthy life. Each carefully formulated recipe contains an important combination of natural vitamins and mineral, so you can be sure that any Yarrah Organic product provides your cat or dog with everything it needs.

    Yarrah Organic Dog Food

    • Dry Dog Food: premium kibble that is naturally hypoallergenic and easy to digest. With a wide range of natural, organic recipes each variety each flavour of dry dog food is particularly suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion or allergies.
    • Wet Dog Food: if your dog prefers a wet food dish, then have a browse at Yarrah’s healthy recipes. Available in smooth pates or in tender, juicy chunks there’s something for every dog. There’s even a completely vegetarian option made with soya. These dishes are all complete meals and provide your dog with a healthy balance of nutrients that it needs. .
    • Dog Treats: organic snacks that are perfect for dogs with sensitivities. Ideal as a treat or as a reward during training. Available in a variety of flavours, great for any and every dog.

    Yarrah Organic Cat Food

    • Dry Cat Food: light, easily digestible cat food that is low in fat and high in protein. Each variety is suitable for all cats, whether they are kittens, seniors, are overweight or have sensitive digestion.
    • Wet Cat Food : a delicious wet cat food can be the perfect way to provide your cat with all the nutrients it needs. Each dish is balanced and complete, so if your cat isn’t a fan of kibble it can get everything it needs from this healthy wet food.
    • Cat Treats : just like Yarrah dog treats, these cat treats are suitable for all cats, but particularly those with sensitivities.

Offer your pet a healthy, organic, and highly-digestible diet with Yarrah’s wide range of recipes!
Yarrah Organic pet food is available in a wide range of varieties to meet every pet’s needs!

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