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Get 15% off Naturediet Wet Dog Food!*

Coupon Code: NATURE-15

*The NATURE-15 coupon code is valid on all orders of Naturediet wet dog food products until 11pm 30th November 2020. Only one coupon code is redeemable per order. Simply add the coupon code to your basket and click redeem.

Naturediet dog food is a natural wet food, as nature intended, pure according to the principle: "Made for people who care - by people who care". Awarded with the label Naturediet semi-moist dog food is a qualitatively high value holistic and healthy complete food without artificial additives like taste enhancers, preservatives, attractants or colourings.

Here are just a few of our featured Naturediet products:

Naturediet Pet Food

The Finest Food - Naturally

Choosing the perfect diet for your pet is essential, helping to support not only overall health and wellbeing, but also your dog's happiness and satisfaction in life. This range of Naturediet pet food available here at zooplus offers something for everyone, with puppy and adult food as well as grain-free and sensitive options designed to ensure dogs with sensitivities or intolerances can enjoy a nourishing, hearty meal.
This selection of natural wet Naturediet dog food is a great way to provide complete, balanced nutrition, without the use of artificial additives such as flavours enhancers, preservatives, attractants or colours. It offers entirely natural nutrition with real meat, real flavour and real, wholesome goodness from Naturediet that your dog will adore, as well as supporting overall health and wellbeing.

Browse the selection of Naturediet food available at zooplus:

  • Adult: The main ingredient of this premium food is real fresh meat, with a high meat content of at least 60%. This delicious chicken provides your adult dog with lots of important protein. Gluten-containing grains have been deliberately omitted from the recipe, as these can often lead to allergies or food sensitivities in dogs. Instead, this wet food contains rice, which is an easily digestible source of healthy carbohydrates.
  • Puppy: This high-quality complete dog food contains a balanced mix of only the finest ingredients, providing puppies and young dogs with all the nutrients they need in their first 12 months. It is also suitable for pregnant or lactating bitches who require a high-calorie, protein-rich diet. Naturediet wet food is gluten-free and does not contain any artificial additives, such as preservatives, attractants or flavourings. The main ingredient of this premium food is real fresh meat, with a high meat content of at least 60%. Chicken and lamb provide your growing dog with important protein.
  • Senior: This delicious Senior wet dog food contains lean turkey and chicken, which both have a low fat content. It also boasts a high vegetable and fibre content for a reduced-calorie diet, making Naturediet Senior Lite especially well-suited to dogs who tend towards unhealthy weight gain. It is also ideal for dogs with low activity levels or specific dietary requirements, as is often the case in elderly dogs.

Feed your pet the absolute best in wholesome nutrition with a Naturediet dog food!
Made for people who care - by people who care.

Why not take a look at our great selection of special offers available now at zooplus? Keeping your pet healthy and happy does not have to break the bank!