PetSafe have a number of products suitable for dogs and cats, that you pets will love! Choose from drinking fountains and automatic feeders to training collars and pet doors.


At zooplus, we offer a selection of PetSafe products, especially tailored for cats and dogs.

PetSafe at zooplus:

  • Drinking Fountains: most animals prefer to drink from a source of moving water rather than a bowl. While you should always provide your pet with plenty of water, did you know that they might not drink as much if it's near their food? In the wild, cats don't drink water near their "food" as it could be contaminated from their prey. With one of these fantastic PetSafe drinking fountains, your pet can enjoy fresh water all day long, and with replaceable filters, you can be sure that your pet is getting a constant supply of clean water.
  • Pet Doors & Flaps: these pet doors and flaps are perfect for allowing your pet some extra independence and freedom, all while maintaining their safety. Available in noise cancelling, extreme weather and PetSafe Microchip pet doors, you can choose from a great selection! With the microchip door being programmable for up to 40 pets, you can be sure that you won't find any unwelcome visitors in your house! Also, choose from 4 types of locking which allows you to decide whether your pet can only enter, only exit, both or neither! You'll never have to worry about your pet coming in and out of your house again!
  • Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Feeder: ideal for both dogs and cats, this automatic feeder minimises the risk of under- or over-feeding your pet. Carefully controlled portions of dry food can be delivered throughout the day to ensure a happy, healthy pet. With an extra large capacity of 3kg of dry food, and a 24-hour programmable cycle, you can breathe easy knowing your pet will be well-fed.
  • SlimCat Treat Ball: fill this Treat Ball with dry cat food or cat treats, and allow your pet to have the time of its life! It can enjoy hours of fun, rolling this ball around to release the hidden treats, all while being able to smell them. This is perfect for all cats, but especially tailored for cats that are prone to laziness or weight gain, as well as cats that have a tendency to eat too quickly. This allows your pet to exercise without realising it, while stimulating your cat's natural hunting instinct.

What will you treat your pet with? If you're looking for something specific for your pet, you can browse PetSafe products by Cat and Dog separately. While you're here, why not check out our range of Exclusive products at zooplus?