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★ Exclusives


Exclusive, quality brands - only available at zooplus!
Discover delicious recipes, quality meat content, contented purrs and wagging tails! How much will you save on your pet's food, treats or litter?

★ Exclusives

Only available at zooplus!

At zooplus we care deeply about all animals. That's why we choose brands of food, treats, litter and accessories so that we can be 100% sure you have everything of a high quality. Food available only from us will satisfy all the needs of even the most demanding pets. We offer pure meat food, vegetarian food and veterinary food that is specially prepared for animals with health problems.

Exclusive Dog Food & Treats:

Whether you give your dog chews as part of training, as a reward for good behaviour, or just as a tasty treat, Barkoo snacks are sure to be a hit! Barkoo – Mad about Snacks!

Briantos foods have been developed by nutritional experts and contain only selected ingredients. Briantos feed is very well tolerated even by dogs sensitive to food, and also supports the condition of the dog's skin and fur thanks to the content of valuable fatty acids.

Concept for Life is a science-based, unique nutritional concept whose main goal is to meet the dog's physiological needs at every stage of his life. Concept for Life provides nutrition optimally suited to the weight, size, lifestyle, age and individual requirements of the dog.

DogMio offer a great selection of popular dog snacks and dry food at a reasonable price. Find the right dog snack here at zooplus!

Greenwoods dry dog food contains top-quality natural ingredients and a single source of animal protein, offering your dog a healthy, well-balanced diet. Greenwoods puts your pet’s health and happiness first.

Lukullus complete dog food is based on a particularly comprehensive formula. The combination of animal proteins, vegetable ingredients and valuable oils ensures that your dog receives all the nutrients it needs – completely without chemical additives. Nature provides everything that dogs need! All ingredients are freshly processed in a gentle cooking process. This preserves the original flavour of the meat and vegetables and protects the nutritional value of the food. Lukullus is available as kibble and as wet food, in cans and pouches.

Purizon offers food consisting of 70% meat or fish, 30% vegetable and herb fruits, and completely cereal free. Thanks to the careful production process of Purizon, their ingredients retain their original nutritional properties and natural, full flavor.

Rocco dog food gives your pet the nutrition it needs because Rocco is made using only 100% real fresh meat (no formed meat and no bone meal). Rocco dog food consistently omits all chemical additives. Rocco keeps your dog fit and tastes great - a meat meal just the way carnivorous dogs like it!

Wolf of Wilderness dog food is based on these eating habits and will appeal to your dog's natural instincts. The flavoursome food is similar to the wolf's natural diet and made using only the very best ingredients. All varieties of Wolf of Wilderness contain at least 41% pure fresh meat which is an excellent source of easy-to-digest, premium-quality proteins.It is grain-free and all recipes are very low in carbohydrates. The Wolf of Wilderness product range includes both dry and wet dog food, as well as natural snacks, and provides your pet with a balanced nutrient uptake.

Exclusive Cat Food & Treats:

Catessy contains everything you need for a healthy cat life and it tastes irresistible. The delicious flavours provide variety and enjoyment in the cat bowl. Just good to purr!

Concept for Life cat food is a scientific-based nutritional concept which ensures your cat's diet meets the requirements of each individual life stage. It promotes health and well-being. Concept for Life cat food is available as a delicious, crunchy kibble or as a wet food in portion-sized pouches. Choose between crunchy kibble or wet food in gravy or in jelly and try feeding your cat a mix of wet and dry.

Cosma cat food is a delicious, premium diet made of pure meat or fish. Cosma cat food offers nutrition developed just for cats and irresistible indulgence. Cosma cat food - pure meat, real love!

Cosma Nature premium wet cat food with 75% meat content is cooked gently in its own juices. With absolutely no artificial additives, the fresh, natural ingredients give your cat a healthy, authentic taste experience with every meal!

Feringa cat food is a natural, grain-free, premium complete cat food with a high meat content of at least 95% human grade meat and enriched with delicious vegetables and herbs. Your cat will enjoy the great taste of this meat menu.

Greenwoods wet and dry cat food provides your cat with a delicious, well-balanced diet. Greenwoods dry food for cats contains only the best natural ingredients and a single source of animal protein, while Greenwoods wet cat food is made from only the finest meat and fish, gently steam cooked in its own juices. Greenwoods puts your pet’s health and happiness first.

Your cat has its own personality and it knows which food it likes. My Star wet cat food is available as a delicious, light mousse or as tender meat chunks in a tasty gravy. Both have a high meat content and come in a selection of delectable flavours. The unique recipes provide your cat with a complete meal and all the nutrients it needs.

Purizon is a premium dry cat food consists of 70% meat and fish. Made to a unique recipe, this tasty cat food takes its inspiration from the natural, carnivorous diet of cats. Purizon cat food is completely grain-free, instead of which it is made using top-quality fruit, vegetables and herbs. The careful and gentle preparation ensures the vital nutrients are protected and helps to preserve the delicious, natural flavours.

Smilla cat food provides your pet with high quality, balanced nutrition enriched with vitamins, minerals and taurine. The Smilla range includes Smilla wet food, a premium, much loved complete food for kittens and adult cats and Smilla complete dry food, a tasty range of kibble for young and fully-grown cats, as well as specialised dry food such as Smilla Light, Sterilised or Urinary and a selection of delicious treats and pastes.

Wild Freedom is a top quality, grain-free cat food that is based on the wild cat's eating habits. Just like its wild ancestors, the domesticated cat is a carnivore. It needs to eat meat to stay healthy. This nutritious, species-appropriate food is available as wet and dry food. Both are made with a high percentage of fresh meat that is rich in important animal proteins and nutrients which are vital to your cat's health.

Exclusive Cat Litter

At zooplus you will also find exclusive Cat Litter, available in clumping, silicate and clay varieties. Eco-friendly Tigerino cat litter is extremely absorbent. This great value cat litter stops odours in seconds and seals germs in the core. Amazingly, it can absorb nearly its own weight in fluids. Greenwoods cat litter is available as natural wood litter, economical montmorillonite or traditional bentonite clumping litter. All are very absorbent and bind nasty odours quickly and effectively. Two great brands, lots of choice, exclusive to zooplus. You're sure to find the perfect litter for your cat.

Exclusive Small Pet & Bird Food

Shop our range of exclusive, high quality Small Pet & Bird Food today! We offer Greenwoods, Vilmie and Lillebro!

Exclusive Accessories

You won't find these anywhere else! Exclusive Accessories only available here at zooplus, and at our usual fantastic prices!

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